Travelling Becomes More Exciting and Easy With a New Service for Tourists

Now it is easier to travel to other countries - GPS-routs replace guidebooks. People can travel creatively with new project

These days lovers of traveling are expecting for opening of a new service – It contains descriptions of most popular tourist destinations from all over the world and a wide range of their attractions. This new Internet resource can give a tourist full information about spots of interests and ready-to-go sightseeing routs, which can be easily formed by user according to his preferences.

New web-site is full of useful information about modern European cities and their highlights, unlike traditional traveling pages it describes popular places of interest and places not spoiled by tourists as well. Using one can do well without any travel-guides, city-maps, and other old-fashioned travelling helpers. For a successful and interesting vocation it would be more than enough to have a personal selection of KLM-files – ready to form a travelling route in Google-Earth and Google-maps services. If additional information about destination of your traveling and sightseeing is required – it could be found on pages of as well. The most interesting and inviting places of interest of popular touristic destinations are enlighten there.

Nowadays high-tech is everywhere, it is more than available and can save our time and energy helping us in everyday life. In the context of travelling it should be said that collecting information is a very important part of planning a journey and arranging it. Usually to make a brief overview of places to go and things to do people seek for travelling web-sites in the Internet or numerous printed-matters in book-shops, tourist-stores and tourist-information centers. Both ways require time and sometimes money. Another approach to manage an interesting travel is to use GPS-function and to mark important spots of interest as a must-see list. With such routs your regular map becomes a “smart-map” helping you to get geographical bearings in unknown places and in the same time not to miss any of things that you came for. On people from all over the world can chose from already prepared and sorted spots selections of worthy destinations.

Project was created by travellers for travellers to make new trips fuller and diverse.  Creator of project, Alex Rutherford says, “Being a traveller myself I prefer creating my travel-routs choosing  from number of ready-for-service GPS-coordinates than surfing the Internet to find places of interest first and marking them one by one then.” The idea and conception of came to him in his journeys to big cities of foreign countries, such as Singapore, Istanbul, Berlin.

About iTouristMaps

This project is suitable for travellers with experience, for people who want to save their time in vocation, and for those who want to spend their trip to another city joyfully. could help with making easy and interesting sightseeing routs and with getting useful travel information as well. The service is free and easy in use.


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About iTouristMaps

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