Travel Scientists Announce India's Cup - Rally Across India

After the successful episodes of the Rickshaw Challenge, the Travel Scientists now unveil India's Cup - Race Across India. Adventure travellers from all over the world will rally in Hindustan Ambassadors from Goa to Tamilnadu.

The Travel Scientists are at it again. While being constantly on the move and conducting adrenaline-filled travel adventures around the world like the famous Rickshaw Challenge, they have nurtured and fed their competitive side to a point of no return. This time, they have come up with something absolutely fantastic and crazy, something that auto and adventure lovers will just adore: the India’s Cup.

In Spring 2016, the engines of iconic Hindustan Ambassadors will rev up in India, and off will our international contestants go! The race will end eleven days later and our brave competitors will have driven a whopping 2389 km by then. The starting point of the race is the vibrant, spiritual city of Panaji, Goa and the finish line will be drawn up in the lively Chennai, in Tamilnadu. Through crowded cities, remarkable landmarks and breathtaking views, our teams will make it or break it in their Ambassadors - cars that will quickly become family members, through tough times and good...

We expect to have racers from all over the world, courageous men and women seeking something out of the ordinary, from as far as the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and other large European countries, like Germany. This outrageously awesome action-journey will be the perfect opportunity for everyone to explore the real, beautiful side of India, party every night, and meet like-minded individuals. India’s Cup will reform the concept of “going on a holiday in India” totally and utterly. The result? Fascinating stories to live through and later on tell at dinner parties when the time has come to get back to the everyday life.

India’s Cup is also a great occasion to strengthen bonds between friends and family; each team will be made up of 1-4 people and groups will be able to choose some add-on services that can make this eleven-day adventure more comfy, like hotel packages. Creative participants needn’t worry - in order to stand out from the crowd, racers can also use the Pimp My Shaw Service. Contestants who have completely fallen in love with their Hindustan Ambassadors will also be able to purchase these dreams-on-wheels.

The Travel Scientists want to bring together all the fun of a holiday with the competitive edge of a wacky race and provide the best environment for racers from both India and abroad to share in what will be a thrilling adventure and a party, all in one unforgettable experience.

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