Travel and Personal Growth Combine at Emporio Solutions

Top producers from Emporio Solutions recently returned from a conference in Dallas, Texas. The company's Director pointed out the benefits of this weekend event and shared other ways that the firm benefits from travel programs.

“Personally, I like travelling, and I’m excited to be able to share that passion with my team,” shared Matt D., Emporio Solutions’ Director of Operations. “I enjoy seeing new places, meeting new people, and shaking off my normal routine for a time. I feel like it helps expand my horizons and keep me sharp. When I can add some specific industry knowledge to that, I know I’m helping my people grow. No matter if we’re going to a regional training session or flying to a weekend retreat, I know that the entire experience is a learning opportunity that makes the cost of travel completely worthwhile. In fact, I’m more inclined to think of business trips as investments, rather than expenses.” 

The firm’s most recent journey took Matt and two hand-selected leaders to Dallas for a weekend-long leadership and networking conference. While there, they had the chance to learn from keynote speeches given by the top names in the industry, and exchange best practices with other professionals from across the country. 

“I hope this trip will empower my two colleagues to take the next step in their careers,” Matt stated. “Networking with other high achievers who have faced similar challenges is sure to encourage them. What’s more, they have now added those kindred spirits to their contact lists, and can seek out guidance when it’s needed – and offer it in return as well. This kind of peer-to-peer coaching is irreplaceable, and it’s one of the many reasons I know our Emporio Solutions travel opportunities are valuable.”

"Personally, I like travelling, and I'm excited to be able to share that passion with my team,"


Director Of Operations

Emporio Solutions’ Director Discusses More Ways That Travel Supports Personal and Professional Development 

Another benefit to business travel that Matt appreciates is the way it brings his team members closer. Friendships that can last a lifetime are built during trips like the one to Dallas, and this kind of camaraderie makes a positive impact on the Emporio Solutions office culture. 

“Travel as both a perk and development tool makes it easier to recruit top talent as well,” declared Matt. “It’s a way of showing our commitment to rewarding those who embrace our values and vision, plus it shows how invested we are in developing people. Career-oriented professionals with growth mind-sets quickly realize that being on our team will help them achieve their potential.” 

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