Travefy Announces Preferred Service Partnership With Serandipians by Traveller Made

Serandipians member agencies now have streamlined access to Travefy's award-winning technology.

Travefy + Serandipians by Traveller Made

Travefy - the leading itinerary, proposal, and client management tool for travel designers - announced a preferred services partnership with the luxury travel network Serandipians, formerly known as Traveller Made. 

"Serandipian's member agencies are synonymous with quality and luxury travel design," notes Travefy CEO David Chait. "We're thrilled to be working together to support them with Travefy's award-winning technology."

As a part of the partnership, Travefy will provide Serandipians member agencies streamlined access to Travefy's award-winning platform.

"The Serandipian Member Travel Agencies are boutique businesses who welcome new technologies that help them be more efficient and professional, while keeping their clients' needs first. Through our partnership with Travefy, we wish to help our members offer an even better service and attract more wealthy travelers," comments Quentin Desurmont, Founder and CEO of Traveller Made. 


Travefy's mission is to power the success of travel professionals. Our award-winning suite of itinerary, proposal, client management, and marketing tools help Travel Advisors and professionals save time, impress clients, and sell more. 

Travefy powers thousands of travel businesses across the globe ranging from small, independent travel advisors to the largest travel agencies, consortia, and organizations. Travefy has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes among other publications and has won numerous industry honors, including the ASTA Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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Serandipians by Traveller Made are a community of passionate and excellence-oriented travel designers willing to provide unexpected, exceptional and seamless experiences to their clients; sharing values embedded in service, elegance and highly skilled craftsmanship.

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