Trauma to Triumph With Hypnotherapy: Renowned Chicago Hypnotherapist Shares Her 'Living Proof' Story

Sheila Swenson

Sheila Swenson, owner of Greater Achievements Hypnotherapy, reveals her own journey to healing and happiness with hypnotherapy.

Teaching and working with clients or even just a casual conversation about hypnotherapy lights Swenson up. Her passion is so radiant that one can't help but wonder why. In "Living Proof," a new page on her website, she finally opens up in raw, visceral detail about the real reason she's so passionate about hypnotherapy and how she came to do this work. Swenson has always fiercely hidden her past, refusing to be defined by it and determined to overcome it while breaking the cycle of abuse and creating a new life for herself. 

She offers up her own testimonial as proof of its profound and powerful efficacy and how it not only saved her life and helped her heal but also inspired her to create a process by which she can also help others heal and take control of their lives. Every day, she shatters limiting beliefs with clients across the board of what can be healed, demonstrating the power of the subconscious mind's ability to heal the body, mind and emotions in every session. With over 20 years in clinical and medical hypnotherapy and energy healing, Swenson has an impeccable reputation helping people harness the power of their subconscious to heal deep wounds, eliminate limiting beliefs, and create a happier life. 

Like many of her clients, Swenson's traumatic past began in childhood and ran through until her adult years. In "Living Proof," Swenson talks about her parent's divorce as a small child and the domestic violence that followed until adulthood, as well as the devastating aftermath of growing up in such bleak conditions. Beaten, tortured, molested, and living in intense fear for many years created strong subconscious programs. 

Her story reads like a bad horror film so it's a wonder how, looking like a woman who's never had a hard day in her life, she came to be this confident, happy and comfortable in her own skin, let alone safe in the world. An attractive, fit and healthy woman with a fearless, adventurous spirit, people would never know Swenson had been brainwashed for many years to feel ugly, small and powerless. 

As founder of Greater Achievements, over the years, she has curated a process called "The Swenson Method," which utilizes the most powerful aspects of hypnosis and energy work to help people heal in ways they never thought possible. She knows firsthand and through years of experience which techniques work best for which issue and blends them together for powerful effect and stunning results. 

With a private practice in the Chicago Loop, Swenson also works with hospitals and wellness centers to help clients heal all levels of suffering from catastrophic events as well as helping successful professionals optimize performance and expand into greatness.


Source: Greater Achievements

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