Tratok, the Travel and Tourism Blockchain Disruptor, Goes Mainstream, Offering Users the Chance to Win a Holiday per Year for Life

The privately funded blockchain travel disruptor, which has raised industry standards at every stage, has launched an initiative to maximize public awareness and adoption.

The Tratok Token

​​​​​Tratok’s users have always claimed that the UAE based disruptor holds a significant edge over its counterparts in the blockchain travel and tourism niche. To back their claims, they point towards Tratok’s accomplishments over the last 12 months. The privately funded venture has succeeded in delivering products, direct partnerships and two generations of working platforms. The efficacy of these has been backed by the industry’s most economically and logistically successful proof of concept tests conducted by public users of the Tratok token. Even the devastation of COVID-19 on the tourism sector appears to have done little to hamper Tratok’s growth. The team has expanded significantly with several new C-level appointments, while the user base has grown to over 700,000 confirmed unique individuals.

While these achievements are impressive, Tratok is about to raise the bar to an unimaginable level. To increase public usage of its ecosystem to millions of users, Tratok is launching an initiative where two lucky participants will be able to win one holiday per year for life. By offering such a life-changing opportunity, Tratok’s marketing department aims to educate the public about the benefits of using Tratok for their needs.

How is this possible? While many other projects raised substantial amounts of public money via ICO’s, much of this money was used unwisely. In contrast, Tratok’s experienced leadership benefited massively from investment in feasibility studies and was able to save a seven-figure dollar amount on development costs. By using these funds to increase the marketing budget, Tratok aims to help expand its user base as it continues on its roadmap for a positive annual EBITDA in excess of 100M USD by the end of 2022, before an IPO.

“It makes everyone here proud that, yet again, we can give more to the public. This promotion will benefit the industry by increasing public adoption and educating the unaware on the significant benefits of blockchain technology,” commented Tratok’s Custodian and Advisor Mohammed Altajir in a public statement. Tratok’s Chief Marketing Office, Nicholas Paillart explained the vision further. “We continue to emphasize the importance of product delivery and real-life use cases. This latest initiative demonstrates Tratok’s commitment to delivering meaningful life-changing applications via the implementation of blockchain technology and ensure the masses get a chance to reap the benefits of such constructively disruptive technology. By creating an entire ecosystem around travel and tourism, the consumer and service provider are being a game-changing platform.”

Tratok has started the launch of this program with immediate effect and has emphasized that participation is 100% free for all members of the public.

Media Contact:
Nicholas Paillart

Source: Tratok Ltd