Transoft Solutions Expands Capabilities of TORUS Roundabouts With Advanced 3D Modeling and Visualization

 Transoft Solutions TORUS 6.0 Roundabouts

​Transoft Solutions Inc., developers of transportation engineering design software, has announced the release of the latest version of the TORUS™ Roundabouts, with new and enhanced features.  

Designers and engineering professionals in North America have increasingly turned to roundabouts as a safer and more cost-efficient alternative to signalized intersections. Studies have also shown that under certain conditions, roundabouts offer additional advantages to other road users.   

What’s New in Torus 6.0

Advanced 3D Grading and Terrain Modeling - Generate a 3D grading and terrain model to view profiles, super elevation and more.

3D Modeling Using Assemblies - Create a 3D model quickly to ensure that the design intent is confirmed early in the design process to save costly revisions later during the project.

Generate 3D Corridors in Civil3D - Produce a 3D model of a design based on alignments, profiles, and assemblies with one click.

Non-circular Roundabouts - Design different shapes such as teardrop, ellipse, dumbbell, dog bone, peanut and more to address right-of-way constraints and other geometry challenges. 

Newly Added Design Guidelines - Use the High-Speed Approach guidelines as preferred by many DOTs and other jurisdictions that focus on slowing vehicles at roundabout entries.

“As roundabout designers balance safety, cost (determined by the roundabout size and effect on right-of-way) and performance aspects for their projects, TORUS 6.0 users will benefit from the software’s immediate and dynamic feedback for fastest path speed computations, sightline and design vehicle analysis which are based on in-built design guidelines such as NCHRP 672,” says Mr. Daniel Shihundu, Sr. Vice President, Transoft Solutions. “The software allows users to focus on applying engineering judgment to designs and being more productive by reducing manual calculations, repetitions and iterations.”


About Transoft Solutions

Transoft Solutions develops innovative and highly specialized software for aviation, civil infrastructure, and transportation professionals. Since 1991, Transoft has remained focused on safety-oriented solutions that enable transportation professionals to work effectively and confidently. Our portfolio of planning, simulation, modeling, and design solutions are used in over 130 countries serving more than 50,000 customers across local and federal agencies, consulting firms, airport authorities, and ports. We take pride in providing the highest quality of customer support from our headquarters in Canada, and through our 12 offices in Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, India, Belgium, and China. For more information on Transoft’s range of aviation, civil design, and vehicle simulation solutions, visit

Source: Transoft Solutions Inc.