Translation Companies in London, When a Certificate Makes the Difference

Translation Company in London, Getting ISO17100:2015 accreditation status ISO certificates can by all means enhance the visibility of a company. Precise requirements need to be fulfilled in order to obtain one of these prestigious international accreditation and acknowledgements. Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd, a leader among the Translation Companies in London, works hard to get its

Management system, the company has been awarded with a very special prize.

New qualifications for an excellent service

The first Translation Company in the East and West Midlands to be certified and accredited by the ISO17100:2015 by the IQS UK.

Absolute Interpreting and , Translations Ltd

A brand new Certificate of Registration, the ISO 17100:2015, which was recently introduced, this time specifically designed for translation companies is an indication of increasing quality and not the price. It certifies that the translation services management systems of a given enterprise have been assessed and approved by IQS UK Standards Audits Division. This International Standard “specifies requirements for all aspects of the translation process directly affecting the quality and delivery of translation services. It includes provisions for translation service providers (TSPs) concerning the management of core processes, minimum qualification requirements, the availability and management of resources, and other actions necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service.”

Translation Company in London, Getting ISO17100:2015 accreditation status

Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd is the first Translation Company in London and in the whole of UK which is certified and acknowledged by IQS UK Standards Audits Division and Absolute are proud of this title.

What makes this company so successful and appreciated by its clients?

The main reason lies in the vast network of collaborators in the UK and worldwide. Very few translation companies in our country can provide such professional translation and interpreting services in more than 275 languages.

Strict prerequisites

To be granted the ISO 17100:2015, there are many criteria to be taken into consideration. Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd is the very first in the UK to meet every requirement of ISO 1700:2015 assessed and accredited by IQS UK .

Targeting the reader

First of all, the translation needs to extensively fulfill the client’s expectations, so the target of the service plays a crucial role. The project managers have to look for the perfect translators (do they have any experience in the field? Have they already produced something for that client?). To do so, they have to be aware of the final target of the translation.

The faster the better

Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd is a leader among the other translation companies in London and Birmingham. The extremely fast service provided by the company is the first feature catching the eye when looking at the clients’ feedback. The quotes are given immediately after the request, and the source text will be instantly assigned to the most appropriate translator. Sometimes the translation project manager even underestimates the efficiency of the translator: the deadlines are therefore not only met, but even anticipated. This is what makes the difference.

No confusion allowed

Accuracy is the other key of success. Every single project is taken over in the most professional way, with fully trained project managers, expert translators and proofreaders always providing the best service. Project managers ask for specific instructions from the clients (i.e. when a client asks for a Chinese translation, do they mean Mandarin, Cantonese…? Do they want verbatim translations?). Translators and proofreaders must be able to ask clarification to the agency regarding any part of their translation. All details are important in order to avoid serious misunderstandings or slight changes in the new text.

Keeping it confidential to be professional

Confidentiality is a very central aspect. Needless to say, it lies in the ethics of every translator, project manager and proofreader to be discreet about their job. Nevertheless, every collaborator of Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd is asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect the clients and ensure their total privacy and each and every translator employed by the Company are assessed and individually cherry picked to ensure the Company’s strict guidelines on confidentiality, quality and accuracy are met at all times.

Playing nice

Kindness could be seen as a futile factor when talking of business. However, this is what distinguishes the company. All employees always pay close attention to the needs of the client in the most respectful way, be it over the phone, by email or in person. Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd wishes by that to maintain its clientele and build up a network of trustworthy translators.

Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd also asks its clients for an honest review or feedback to make sure they were satisfied with the job done. The company cares about the client’s feelings and will always take into account what the client has to say about the collaboration with the agency.

Certified Translations. Always.

Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd can always guarantee certified translations for every need, from birth certificates to medical reports. The stamp at the bottom of each page is proof of a scrupulous work made by the translator. It gives the translation an effective power, allowing it to be valuable for every kind of public institution.

Certified Translation Services

Why choose Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd?

Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd meets every requirement of ISO 17100:2015. It is the first Birmingham translation agency to be awarded this prestigious certificate and there is no secret as to why: Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd takes care of its clients and of its employees, puts quality above anything else and provides only “human” translations as well as a fast and accurate service.

These successful qualities make it rather easy for the ISO commission to grant Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd the new Certificate 17100:2015. The agency is extremely proud to be the first British Translation Company to be accredited by IQS UK and to get this certificate of excellence and is working hard to offer the best translation service as always.