TransitScreen Partners With Brightline High-Speed Rail System to Bring Accessible and Convenient Multi-Modal Transportation Information to Riders

TransitScreens in Brightline Hub

Leading provider of transportation information software solutions, TransitScreen, today announced its partnership with Brightline high-speed rail system. Brightline's privately operated intercity rail system running in Florida between Miami and West Palm Beach returns to service on Nov. 8, 2021. Through this partnership, Brightline and TransitScreen are integrating connectivity between various modes of transportation to create accessibility and convenience for customers door-to-door.

"TransitScreen is the most trusted transportation partner in its space and an ideal partner for Brightline. The addition of their TransitScreen7 screens to our stations enhances and works in concert with our mission to make a car-optional lifestyle possible through the use of ride shares, public transit, bikes, scooters, shuttles, and other vehicle services," said Jonathan Hopkins, VP of Mobility at Brightline.

Brightline, the only provider of modern, eco-friendly, intercity rail in America, is relaunching after investing in multiple service enhancements to improve guest experience. This includes the private label use of TransitScreen7 screens in stations to provide real-time information supporting multi-modal transportation options and services beyond the train.

Each station serves as a transit hub with TransitScreen as the solution that communicates that hub's connectedness to other transit modes for users and travelers. TransitScreen's propriet0ary data platform coordinates and customizes more than 3,000 data feeds to provide real-time information about: public transportation such as subways and buses, ferries, and trolleys; shared transportation like scooters, bikeshares, and mopeds; ride hailing services such as Uber, Lyft, and Via; and private transportation like shuttle buses, parking, and vanpool programs.

"We are excited to work with an exceptionally forward-looking transportation partner like Brightline. In addition to its world-class train stations, Brightline owns and operates a significant amount of commercial real estate surrounding its station locations. This further expands our transportation partnership offering potential future integration of TransitScreen for customers to use," said Tony Hudgins, SVP of Partnerships at TransitScreen. "Our partnership with Brightline allows us to bring even more options and convenience to customers in the Florida region and is an excellent example of where transportation is going in the future -- sustainable and affordable."

In addition to aggregated data from transit services, TransitScreen provides an array of information on nearby transportation, onsite, and neighborhood amenities such as:

  • Live crowd estimates, service disruption alerts, walking distance in minutes to stations or stops, and real-time arrival times for any mode of public transportation
  • Flight times and delays
  • Walking distance in minutes to and availability of shared transportation
  • Surge pricing and estimated time of arrival for ride hailing services
  • Names, hours of operation, and address information for nearby amenities
  • Time, date, and live weather conditions 
  • Easy to use custom messaging and communications alerts

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