Transforming Downtime Into Dollars: Unveiling 'Locations Near Me' by Tibersoft

Locations Near Me

Today, Chris Hart, VP of R&D Operations, is thrilled to introduce an important addition to the Tibersoft ecosystem – the 'Locations Near Me' mobile application. In 2023, a valued client approached us with a pressing business challenge. Field sales representatives were facing downtime on the road and needed a solution to turn these idle moments into revenue-generating opportunities. A mobile app with seamless connectivity to nearby operator locations and on-the-fly access to critical insights, such as distribution channels, trade programs, and purchasing behavior, could transform downtime into productive, informed sales calls. 

Chris summarized the vision for Locations Near Me as: "Imagine the efficiency boost your foodservice field sales team could experience with immediate access to their complete Operator location level book of business, right at their fingertips." This is what the Tibersoft team looked to deliver against for our clients with the creation of this new application.

The Details of ‘Locations Near Me’

Time constraints and information overload are two main challenges faced by sales teams today on the road. Here’s how Locations Near Me addresses both:

· The app allows you to fill in unexpected time slots by serving up nearby Operators that are purchasing your products, right on a map on your mobile phone.

· 'Locations Near Me' allows for better sales call planning by providing location-level transaction-verified account information at your fingertips. It shows you the operator’s sales volume, what SKUs they are buying, and performance metrics to easily review the business performance. 

Sales calls informed by transaction-verified purchasing information are vastly more productive. When filling in an unexpected time slot or making an unplanned call having this information instantly available is crucial. Your team can walk right into the call prepared. There is no prep work required. That’s a win-win.

Synergy within the Tibersoft Ecosystem

Tibersoft has long been committed to providing tools that empower foodservice sales teams to grow their business efficiently. 'Locations Near Me' seamlessly integrates into the Tibersoft ecosystem, enhancing existing capabilities such as Operator Review and MyInsights. Our suite of tools has always aimed to simplify the complexities of the foodservice industry, and this new module is no exception. Visual and intuitive planning, finding operators nearby, and gaining real-time insights – it's all part of a cohesive strategy that maximizes the potential for success in every sales effort.

Investing in Sales Capabilities for the Future

At Tibersoft, foodservice field sales teams are top of mind in our R&D lab. With 'Locations Near Me,' we're making a strategic investment in providing valuable tools that empower your team and redefine the way business is conducted on the road.

'Locations Near Me' is a stepping stone in our journey towards a comprehensive Sales Enablement platform. As we evolve our product roadmap, you can expect more powerful field mobile applications that will equip your team with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-evolving market. This includes whitespace opportunities or even integrating these capabilities into your own CRM for a one-stop-shop solution.

A New Way Forward for Foodservice Sales Teams

'Locations Near Me' is not just an application; it's leaping forward sales capabilities to sell smarter, reflecting the type of world we live in today and what operators are demanding from their suppliers. It's about transforming the way your field sales representatives operate and setting the stage for foodservice performance optimization

Source: Tibersoft

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