TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ Diabetes and Weight Loss Program Welcomes New Des Moines, Iowa Health Practitioner

Leading diabetes prevention, fat loss and wellness company, TRANSFORMATIONS INC, welcomes a new health practitioner, Jennifer Welch, D.C., Internal Health Specialist & Clinical Nutritionist, who will be addressing America's diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity challenges.

TRANSFORMATIONS, Inc., a diabetes prevention, fat loss and wellness company, is pleased to announce a new Health Practitioner, Jennifer Welch, D.C. in the greater Des Moines, Iowa area in helping address America’s diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity challenges.

Dr. Jennifer Welch is a Doctor of Chiropractic, an Internal Health Specialist from the Loomis Institute, and practices clinical nutrition and functional medicine. By addressing unhealthy dietary choices, lifestyle habits and underlying conditions, Dr. Welch helps individuals take practical steps to eliminate potential health challenges. She believes by incorporating healthy lifestyle and food choices, blood sugar balance can be attained and diabetes prevented or even reversed.

"When you help a person address their core issues, it is amazing what can be achieved."

Dr. Jennifer Welch, D.C., Director

“I am excited to play an important role in bringing an affordable value to the Des Moines metro that will educate, energize and empower individuals with an effective weight management program that teaches living a healthy lifestyle, diabetes prevention and diabetes reversal, all without resorting to gimmicks or tricks”, said Dr. Welch.

“We are excited to team up with Jennifer, as we introduce solutions to weight management and pre-diabetes prevention,” says Transformations Inc. CEO Al Pirnia.

Dr. Welch is one of the more than 1,000 trained and certified TRANSFORMATIONS’ health practitioners across America to provide a wellness center, but currently the only provider in Iowa. Her office, Iowa Functional Health, LLC is located at 699 Walnut Street, 4th Floor #475, Des Moines, Iowa 50309.

With one out of three Americans being diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, it is essential to find a program that not only addresses the root cause of this epidemic, but also in the process empowers people on how to make changes to their dietary and lifestyle habits to be in control of their key wellness markers, especially their blood sugar. TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ does just that.

In addition, TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ also pinpoints the root cause of symptoms by determining whether it is a nutritional deficiency, chronic condition, unhealthy food habits or excessive body fat and weight. Once the root cause is addressed and corrected, the net result allows people to wean off their lifestyle induced medication. TRANSFORMATIONS 360™ is administered and supervised by a specially trained healthcare practitioner to ensure universal success. In the process, the patient's personal and unique WICO® Wellness Score is established by evaluating 15 key health makers.

Individuals interested in understanding if they are pre-diabetic and/or establishing a weight management program may contact Dr. Jennifer Welch by phone at (515) 897-7900 or visit her website at to schedule a consultation. The consultation and testing services will establish a patient's personal WICO® Wellness Score and pinpoint the root cause of their symptoms and ways to control unhealthy blood sugar so as to never let it become a diabetic condition as weight loss is maintained.

TRANSFORMATIONS, Inc. offers healthcare practitioners programs that prevent diabetes, reverses pre-diabetes, weans people off their lifestyle induced medication, addresses obesity with sustainable weight loss programs and a system to pinpoint the root cause of a patient’s symptoms. With 100’s of thousands of people and hundreds of clinics using the TRANSFORMATIONS' program across North America, they are the leader in the wellness industry in educating, exciting and empowering people on how to achieve true health and maintain it over time. For more information on TRANSFORMATIONS 360™, visit

ABOUT Dr. Jennifer Welch, D.C.
Dr. Welch has studied the best healing practices available to support her clients in their journey into well-being. She designs individually tailored programs for her clients using methods that are backed by science and are effective. Her company, Iowa Functional Health, LLC provides a place for individuals to learn how to create a healthy and happy life for themselves and their families, free from chronic conditions and pain. She is available for corporate wellness presentations. For more information on Dr. Jennifer Welch, visit


Jennifer Welch, D.C.

Iowa Functional Health


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