TransCirrus Adds a Complete Suite of Services to Its Market Offerings

Consulting and Professional Services are now available from TransCirrus

Leveraging skills acquired during development of its Flexible Infrastructure Operating Environment and deployments with its lighthouse customers, TransCirrus is excited to announce the addition of a services portfolio to its market offerings. 

TransCirrus categorizes its capabilities into two segments: Consulting Services and Professional Services.

"We are adding these capabilities based on customer demand" stated Ingemar Lanevi, TransCirrus' CEO. "We are now able to formalize the delivery of the services that are being requested by many of our customers during their deployments"

Ingemar Lanevi, President and CEO

Consulting Service offerings include:

  • High Availability Website Implementation
  • High Availability Application Environments
  • Authentication Integration
  • Storage Array Integration
  • Test/Dev Development Environment Configuration and Installation
  • User Interface Development
  • Protocol Design and Implementation
  • Restful API Development
  • Neutron Plug In and Extension Development
  • OpenStack API Extensions
  • Ceilometer Customization and Analytics Integration

Professional Services offerings include:

  • Pre-Installation Planning and Project Management
  • Configuration Management
  • OpenStack Administration
  • Application Installation and Tuning

“We are adding these capabilities based on customer demand” stated Ingemar Lanevi, TransCirrus’ CEO.  “We are now able to formalize the delivery of the services that are being requested by many of our customers during their deployments”

 More information about TransCirrus’ services offerings can be found at

About TransCirrus

TransCirrus, the Infrastructure User Empowerment Company, emerged from its founders’ experience building and managing data centers for private sector technology firms. This perspective inspired the team to create a user-empowered approach to cloud deployment, management, and operation.  The TransCirrus Flex Infrastructure Operating Environment is available either as Software or a HyperConverged suite of appliances – depending on customer preference.  More information about TransCirrus can be found on its website:

For more information please contact:

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About TransCirrus Inc.

TransCirrus sells a suite of Flexible Infrastructure Appliances powered by its game changing Flex Infrastructure Operating Environment. Our technology reduces the complexity of installing and operating multi-tenant Hyper Converged Infrastructure

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