TransAstra Appoints Space Industry Veteran Dawn Harms to Board of Directors

Orbital logistics and space mining leader Trans Astronautica Corporation (TransAstra) announced today that space industry veteran Dawn Harms has joined the company's Board of Directors. 

An expert in the field for 30 years, Harms is recognized for her leadership at world-class space tech companies with an emphasis on innovative satellite and launch systems.

"Dawn's pedigree makes her uniquely capable of contributing extensive knowledge in the areas of business development and strategy, sales, and marketing," said Joel Sercel, founder and CEO of TransAstra. "Her pedigree brings invaluable expertise to TransAstra at a time when we are rapidly developing an impressive patent portfolio and are on the cusp of deploying new space technologies." 

TransAstra's products, including satellite propulsion/delivery and telescope systems, promise to advance the fields of space domain awareness, satellite transport, and asteroid prospecting. The company's innovations are already significantly improving the industry's ability to locate and track faint moving objects in space at a fraction of the cost of existing technology.

Harms will be an asset to TransAstra, Sercel said, given that her professional experience spans operational, management and board positions across a spectrum of renowned space tech companies. She has served as both chief revenue officer and interim CEO of Momentus and vice president for global sales and marketing at Boeing Satellite Systems International. Harms spent two decades of her career as vice president of marketing and sales at Space Systems Loral, now Maxar, where her contributions helped to establish the company as the industry leader in high-power, geostationary satellites. 

Harms is currently principal at space systems consulting firm Space Architectures LLC in Palos Verdes Peninsula, Calif., and serves on a variety of boards, including BeetleSat and Kleos. 

"I'm thrilled to join the dynamic team at TransAstra," Harms said. "TransAstra's mission is at the very forefront of space exploration and utilization and will benefit all of humanity. I am focused on leveraging my background to help TransAstra build substantial near-term revenue opportunities. By doing so, we will push the boundaries of human achievement and drive tangible business growth."

Harms is also widely recognized for her personal interest in diversifying the space industry, particularly serving as a mentor and advocate for women. In honor of her efforts, she was named the Space and Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) Mentor of the Year in 2020. 

She holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she serves on the school's Industrial Advisory Board.

About TransAstra
Founded in 2017, TransAstra ( is a U.S. orbital logistics and space mining company advancing the industrialization and settlement of space through the sustainable and ethical development of critical, dual-use space infrastructure technologies powered by the resources of space and the energy of the sun. The 2021 Y Combinator alum, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, has been issued 10 patents and has more than 10 additional patents pending.

Source: Trans Astronautica Corporation

About Trans Astronautica Corporation

Founded in 2017, TransAstra is a U.S.-based company at the forefront of orbital logistics and space mining. TransAstra's mission is focused on advancing the industrialization and settlement of space, ensuring its viability for generations to come.

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