Tragedy Strikes Suburb of Denver in Evergreen, CO With Teen Suicide

Evergreen High School Senior Tragic Suicide - Evergreen & Mountain Communities Rallying to Support Family

Mattison 'Matti' McLaurin

"I lost the most precious thing in my life. Matti died suddenly at home. His love for me and his sister Corynn was unparalleled. He taught me love for 17 years, love I could hardly imagine." - Matti's Mom Courtney

When tragedy struck in Evergreen, Colo., this week, people from the close-knit mountain community and around the world responded, demonstrating astounding compassion. It is making a world of difference to business owner and mother Courtney McLaurin Kline, who lost her son Mattison 'Matti' McLaurin on Monday. 

"Matti was happy in life," Courtney says. "He was enrolled in Precision Machining at Warren Technology, loved Evergreen High School, and enjoyed rich relationships through his RYLA family, Rotary family, and church youth group. Despite a full life, Matti took his own, leaving a shattered family and community." Despite the pain of loss, Courtney says, “He would want me to tell you all to be strong, be real, and listen to each other.”

Evergreen and the Mountain Communities just 25 miles west of downtown Denver in the Rocky Mountains is a strong community that is in it together; they take care of their own. Business leaders, shop owners, moms, dads, students, ministers, counselors, etc. are all stepping forward to unite around this family in the midst of tragic loss. It cannot take away the loss, but the business community and the local citizens are mobilizing to ensure this family has support and whatever it needs to make it through.

Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Member, Jerry Nichols, and local business owner of SEO Forensic Marketing said, "This is a small community in unincorporated Jefferson County Colorado. We do not have a city government or city services. We have to stick together. We like to say we are 'in it together', and in times like this, it is apparent that we mean it and will stand up for our matter what. We believe in doing good and doing well at the same time. Business is a means and not an end in Evergreen. Conscientious capitalism is not just a phrase here; it is a reality." (Evergreen background:

A Community Responds

As news of the tragedy became known, many in the community asked how they can help. Residents learned that the family business, Swim 4 Life Colorado, is shuttered while the family comes to terms with what has happened. This means no income, creating daunting financial needs and mounting expenses. There are tough decisions being made, financial obligations to meet, and debilitating grief that comes in waves.

The community's response: A Go Fund Me page set up in the family’s name. At this time, some of the most pressing needs of Courtney are being met from the initial donations to the Go Fund Me campaign, because of the Evergreen Community and its strong citizens' generous support.

Closing Remarks

It is still so early in the process of understanding all the ramifications of Matti’s passing. There are many other needs that are coming forward as more becomes known through the grieving and discovery process. As mentioned there is a Go Fund Me campaign to help meet these additional expenses. If inclined and lead to give, please use the following link:

**All funds will be utilized for the family's benefit and distributed to the local Evergreen bank account that has been set up for this purpose.

Media Contact & Go Fund Me Organizer:
Jerry Nichols
Managing Director, SEO Forensic Marketing
Board of Directors, Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce

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