Traffic and Parking-Present Day Menace to Commutation, "Ezepicks" Is the Solution

End-to-End transportation by bike taxi is now available EZEly with Ezepicks

Gurgaon-Ezepicks today announced to launch it’s much awaited bike taxi service nationwide. After much anticipation, company officials came up with the plan to go ahead with their countrywide launch in the month of December, 2015

Anyone living in the metros in India can feel the pain of everyday commute in midst of heavy traffic. Not only traffic but owing to the overcrowding of the areas, one faces the problem in parking their automobiles as well. Understanding the situation, Ezepicks – a Gurgaon based company came up with this wonderful option of providing bike taxi services. Targeting the middle class segment, Ezepicks provides  the coveted option for everyday commute thereby saving riders Time and Money- which is what every consumer needs.

Let's go places EZEly

Girija Vedi , Marketing Manager

One of the Company spokesperson said that, “Serving the commutation needs of middle and lower class segment is what we are targeting at. Our ecosystem is very robust as we have VVDN Technologies as our technology partner. We will be coming up with our own call centres operating 24*7 to support bike drivers and pillion riders. With Ezepicks we will provide superior driver services at very affordable prices for the rider. So all in all it will be a “paisa wasool”.

Ezepicks” is here to change the future of transportation and mobility. For more info visit: