Tradestead Launches New Category of Mobile Phone Jammer, Offering Peace and Quiet to Your Customers

Now customers can purchase mobile phone jammers from Tradestead. Prices are competitive and start from US $25.

Tradestead announced the launch of its new category - Mobile Phone Jammers ( - a device used to prevent cell phone from receiving signal from or transmitting signals to base stations. As a special device, the jammers allow people to enjoy peace and quiet at restaurant, cinema or the commuter train when they are used more judiciously.

As cell phone use has skyrocketed, problems such as privacy invasion, academic cheating or even industrial espionage have been raised. A small but growing band of people has been asking for the blunt countermeasure: the mobile phone jammer, a gadget that renders nearby mobile devices impotent. Tradestead is thrilled to make it available and picks more than 20 models to customers around the world.

Cell phone jammers ( at Tradestead come in variety of shapes and sizes. In addition to large jammer with a range about 50 to 400 meters, customers also can find cellphone-sized models. This palm sized jammer is easy for you to carry around or slip into your backpack.

Mobile phone jammers are available for order starting at around US$ 25. For those who want to use jammer but don't want to give out continuous jamming signals that attracts the FCC, Tradestead reminds you that you can link a cell phone jammer with a cell phone signal detector (

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