, the Financial Skills Tournament Platform, Announces ICO for Its Blockchain Token TRS

Launched by FX, financial, and gaming industry veterans, brings competition and entertainment to financial trading and spearheads blockchain technology across financial and gaming sectors with TRS. is creating a global industry standard and aims to be the premier platform for traders and players looking to improve their skills and increase their personal wealth through entertainment in a secure and regulated environment. The Token TRS is the basis from which the platform’s operational efficiency, trust, and transparency is guaranteed for the broader community. 

Delivering an entertaining product that engages traders and players from around the world using innovative and risk free solutions that offer significant financial rewards is the driving vision for the team. The potential gains on offer with, are greater than any potential financial returns from the traditional market.

To enter tournaments, traders and players pay a small, fixed participation fee, which goes into the prize pool that a select number of winners receive at the end of the tournament. operates using smart contracts through the Ethereum blockchain, the application of the smart contract verifies all trades and calculates the tournament winner. All payments are made according to the set rules with pay offs recorded on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and assurance. was created by a group of professionals with over 121 years of combined experience in Forex, Trading, FMCG, Banking, and IT. enables its users to improve their financial skills in a regulated and secure environment and win significant cash sums by competing with other traders from around the world. 

The team successfully launched the green-field Forex platform, a casino, and has worked with some of the world’s leading blue-chip companies delivering complex IT projects for various industries. appeals to a worldwide audience of: Poker players, Gamers, skills sport and e-sport players, and people who actively trade money on financial markets. User have a countless number of options to choose from as there are hundreds of tournaments available every hour, each vary by length, participation fee, number of participants, available instruments and markets. 

“The financial, online gaming and IT sectors are facing unprecedented technological change with the advent of technologies such as Blockchain and with that come opportunities to build new models and improve operations that users can benefit from. is the culmination of our team’s collective experience in different sectors to create a product that engages, rewards, and entertains its users on a platform that can be used by anyone anywhere in the world,” said Tomasz Symanski, CEO of

Thanks to the flexibility and wide range of options in setting up different terms for different tournaments, every participant will find something what suits their risk level and fee they’re willing to pay. The fee for participation in tournaments will range from $1 to $10,000 (all fee’s will be paid in TRS).

TraderStars Token (“TRS”) is an essential part of the model that has four major utilities available to Token holders, Tournament Participation, Referral, Training, and Trading.

With the introduction of their token TRS, has solidified the unique combination of financial trading, gaming, competition, blockchain technology, and transparency that will set a new era in the financial and gaming worlds. 


Trade for fun, win real money

The first and only global financial skills tournament platform, allows users to compete with each other by trading in all available markets with clear terms and conditions and no risk. Traders compete in set tournaments using virtual money and real market data, with winners awarded from a shared prize pool. Traders do not risk their money as the small participation fee as well as prize potential are known in advance meaning the rules are clear and laid out with potential wins making returns of up to 40,000%. Traders compete against other participants, not against the market, and can choose to participate in tournaments that suit their knowledge, skills, desired fee and prize potential. is set to be licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.



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Trade for fun, win real money
The first and only global financial skills tournament platform, allows users to compete with each other by trading in all available markets with clear terms and conditions and no risk.