Traders Can Scale Up to $1 Million in Capital for a Minimal Investment With SurgeTrader's New Funded Account Program Scaling Plan

The funded trader account program from SurgeTrader now features a scaling option where traders can scale a $250 investment into a $1 million funded account.

Today, prop firm SurgeTrader announced an expansion to its scaling plan, to now enable traders to scale up to a $1 million trading account. 

The SurgeTrader program supports traders around the world with access to the firm's capital. The funding program provides the opportunity to accelerate traders' profits, where traders keep up to 90% of the profits upon successfully graduating to a live-funded trading account. 

Traders that successfully complete the SurgeTrader Audition have the option to scale their account and double their potential allocated capital, at no extra charge. Previously, the scaling plan permitted traders to scale up to $500K. But now, SurgeTrader has removed that limit, giving traders the ability to scale all the way from a beginner account up to a capital allocation of $1 million, at no additional cost.

SurgeTrader Founder Jana Seaman comments, "We're in the business of giving traders a tremendous opportunity to change their lives, and we're excited to expand that opportunity with the $1 million scaling option." Seaman continues, "It's now possible for a trader to get into the program for a couple hundred dollars and ultimately take ownership of a funded trader account worth $1 million, and the potential to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit."

About SurgeTrader:

SurgeTrader, LLC is a U.S.-based proprietary trading — or prop trading — firm, with a mission to accelerate trader funding and provide capital to profitable traders. Once traders have proven they can be profitable by passing an Audition, they become a part of the SurgeTrader-funded trader community, with access to an account funded with up to $10 million in buying power. For more information on SurgeTrader or how to become a funded trader, visit


Garrett Hollander

Source: SurgeTrader, LLC