Trackforce Acquires Valiant Solutions, Combines Front-Line Vigilance With Back-Office Intelligence for the Security Industry

George Wright, CEO of Trackforce Valiant

​Trackforce™, the leading security workforce management platform, announces its acquisition of Valiant Solutions Inc., a provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) software solutions. The new company, Trackforce Valiant, now delivers the world’s largest all-in-one security workforce management platform: the only comprehensive operations management solution available to the industry.

Building on a pedigree and industry knowledge of physical security, Trackforce Valiant is a purpose-built solution that supports the growing needs of security guard companies worldwide. As a result of this acquisition, Trackforce Valiant now enables automation of every single aspect of a security company’s operations, including crucial back office functions such as billing, payroll, time and labor management (TLM), human resource management (HR), and employee and client onboarding. This game-changing upgrade still delivers Trackforce’s globally proven front-line capabilities, including tracking guard tours, visitor management, incident reports, and more, in a paperless environment devoid of antiquated guard tour devices.

“Trackforce is one of the most innovative solutions for security guard management, and Valiant Solutions joining our team has created an exciting opportunity in the market,” explains Trackforce Valiant’s new CEO George Wright. “By bringing Valiant’s solutions onto one unified platform, we are now able to offer end-to-end management of the entire security company workforce environment that combines people, process, and technology in one seamless solution that benefits security company management, the workforce, and clients. Everyone wins together.”

Trackforce Valiant is a complete platform for security companies. “Our clients gain access to an entire feature-rich, intuitive, and customizable SaaS solution. With this news, we are now the market leader in providing secure productivity tools for the trusted workforce,” adds Wright.

For security guarding companies, the benefits of the full Trackforce Valiant platform are massive. The fully automated back office environment increases productivity, saves time on operational and HR processes, and optimizes the management and utilization of all security employees with mobile and desktop applications. All the shift data and hours worked by each security officer are easily tracked, then processed by an intelligent back-office management platform, thus minimizing payroll processing time for all security personnel.

In the field, the platform empowers security officer supervisors with intelligence-driven technology fed by data captured on smartphones by guards on the front line. This improved access to relevant data supports more effective management of more customer sites and assets while maintaining a high standard of service irrespective of location. A unified front-line and back-office management system ultimately allows users to manage and track not only who is assigned to each site but also any security officer activity, all with an unmatched level of vigilance.

What is more, security company customers can attain fresh insights to improve management with greater transparency, real-time KPIs, and a holistic view of their security operations based on data captured by officers on duty.

“Trackforce has become an integral partner in the success and growth of our security company,” observes Joe Murphy, Senior Vice-President at SecurAmerica. “Since implementing the Trackforce platform several years ago, we have established a solid foundation, and we are now building on it to provide the highest level of services and demonstrable value to our customers.”

“We have been using Valiant for many years, and I have been consistently impressed with the professionalism of Valiant’s staff, the ease of use of the software, and the wide variety of tools at my disposal,” remarks Ken Grossberger, Vice President of Elite Investigations. “I’ve always received timely, helpful responses to any issues, and Valiant continuously improves current products while bringing new ones online. Valiant’s team has always done a great job for us, and I’m excited to see what this new announcement brings for our business.”

Trackforce implements solutions for clients such as G4S, Whelan Security, SecurAmerica, McKesson Corporation, and Inter-Con Security Systems, among many others.

Visitors to the Global Security Exchange (GSX) Sept. 10 to 12 at the McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, can connect with Trackforce Valiant at booth #1160 to learn more about the most comprehensive and powerful solution for security workforce management available today.

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