TrackFive Welcomes Benjamin Cohen as VP of Product

Ben will serve as the leader of TrackFive's product roadmap, aligning the company's plans for growth with strategic product initiatives.

Benjamin Cohen, former Director of Product Management at Hero Digital, has joined the TrackFive team as Vice President of Product. 

TrackFive is a leading recruitment technology company based in Lancaster, PA, with a mission to fill every open job with a qualified candidate. TrackFive owns and operates a network of industry-centered career platforms that connect hiring organizations with high-quality talent in hard-to-recruit industries - from travel healthcare to transportation and beyond. 

"We are thrilled to have Ben join and lead the product team at TrackFive," said President Oliver Feakins. "Ben's exceptional skills and experience will be the catalyst to drive our ambitious product roadmap forward." 

TrackFive is aiming to significantly expand its product offerings in the near future, and Benjamin Cohen's addition to the team is a crucial component of their strategic plan. The expansion strategy will involve stepping into new markets while also enhancing recruitment products and services for the existing ones. TrackFive aims to sustain its growth through a persistent focus on talent acquisition and recruitment pursuits.

"I am proud to join the team at TrackFive as the new VP of Product. I look forward to playing a pivotal role in driving TrackFive's strategic initiatives and further enhancing its position as a trailblazer in connecting employers with top talent," said Cohen.  

Cohen formerly worked as the Director of Product Management at Hero Digital, where he oversaw product roadmap creation and execution, including design, UX, analytics, development, QA, and content on multiple clients. Cohen also boasts former experience as an Application Architect in Digital Technology at JPMorgan Chase & Co., where he negotiated project scope and created high-level flow documentation to deliver business requests into multiple crossline of business development teams and varying release dates.

"This is at an exciting time for TrackFive as we continue to expand our product offerings and make significant strides in the industry," Cohen said. "I hope my strategic vision and passion for driving results will make a lasting impact on the company's growth trajectory."

Source: TrackFive