Trace & Recover: New Retarus Service for Transactional Emails Safeguards Application Traffic

Intelligent short-term storage of business applications emails accelerates processes

Trace & Recover

 With its new Trace & Recover service, Munich-based enterprise cloud provider Retarus offers an innovative service to benefit companies that send emails directly from their business applications. The service complements Retarus Transactional Email by caching transactional emails securely in an intelligent short-term storage - such as to allow service and contact center staff  to send the messages again effortlessly at any time should the need arise. This is especially beneficial to companies with complex application landscapes and workflows, who gain substantial value from the time and cost saved as well as achieving significantly higher customer satisfaction. The new service is immediately available as part of the modular Retarus Secure Email Platform.

Using Retarus Transactional Email, companies send large volumes of automated emails directly from their business applications by way of the Retarus Enterprise Cloud without burdening their own email infrastructures. Retarus' innovative Trace & Recover service represents an additional safeguard for this application traffic. This new service is effective for when transactional messages - which have "gone astray" - need to be found quickly and effortlessly. Trace & Recover enables employees to simply initiate the resending of the email - particularly useful when this option is either not possible from directly in the system or can only be achieved with a disproportionate amount of effort. A practical use case is when a customer is fetching goods purchased by "click & collect" from a store but doesn't have the corresponding collection voucher at hand. Due to the company's complex application landscapes including a multitude of workflows and access restrictions, it may not be possible for the service center agent to generate the required email through the application - at least not without investing a huge amount of effort on research or recreating the customer's initial order from scratch. The same applies to documents such as warranty certificates or invoices, where accounting rules and processes may make it impossible to simply issue an invoice again.

Fast, easy search functionality in complex application landscapes

Trace & Recover stores all emails generated by an application and sent using Retarus Transactional Email in a temporary storage the moment the message is initially sent. In this step, additional reference details (e.g., customer or process numbers) are included to ensure that emails can be found more easily when searched for later. Employees with the required authorization have direct access to EAS, the Retarus admin portal, where they can use E-Mail Live Search to call up the respective email quickly, display it in the preview, and initiate the resending of the message. It is also possible to modify the recipient's address subsequently - for instance, to correct a typo from when the customer originally entered their credentials or registered via a data entry form. This new transmission of the message also runs through the regular Retarus Transactional Email infrastructure and, in turn, is likewise archived in the short-term storage for easy future retrieval via the EAS portal.

Focus is optimizing processes

"When it comes to sending emails straight from business applications, for many years Retarus has been providing one of the leading and most powerful services on the market with its Transactional Email. We are working closely with our customers across numerous projects to continuously optimize the associated workflows," says Sören Schulte, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Retarus. "We have observed that our customers often have extremely complex workflows in connection with sending transactional emails. Making changes directly in the system may consequently require a disproportionate amount of effort - assuming the changes are even possible at all. This is where the new Trace & Recover service really presents its full benefit, complementing our Transactional Email offering perfectly."

About Retarus

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