TrüNorth Global to Introduce Newly Acquired TOTAL360 Commercial Equipment Repair Program

TOTAL360 is a comprehensive commercial equipment repair program for all commercial equipment. For the past decade, TrüNorth Global's corporate mission has been to lead the industry in commercial asset protection. The acquisition of TOTAL360 brings them one step closer to accomplishing this goal.

"There has never been a more comprehensive product that covers commercial equipment more than TOTAL360," said William Eskridge, TrüNorth Global Chairman/CEO. "With the equipment shortages and exaggerated prices of used equipment and the astronomical costs of parts and repairs, there has never been a product to mitigate those risk costs better than TOTAL360."  

TOTAL360, the latest addition to the TrüNorth Global™ family of products and services, offers an innovative solution for dealers, fleet owners, and individual operators seeking to protect their investments in expensive commercial equipment and their revenue generation capabilities by helping to minimize downtime when a breakdown does occur.

TrüNorth Global™ world headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, will add to its 24/7/365, multilingual call center to handle all customer service and repair calls worldwide. TOTAL360 will initially be introduced to the North American markets in early January 2023 with rollouts into the United Kingdom, European Union, and Australia, scheduled throughout 2023. 

About TrüNorth GlobalTM

From semi-trucks, construction equipment, and agriculture, to cargo/transport ships, power generation, and aircraft, TrüNorth Global™ mitigates the risk of costly commercial equipment repair that can sideline, and in some cases, put you out of business.

By protecting the commercial assets of drivers, farmers, fleets, and small business owners, we help keep you and your equipment working. Rely on TrüNorth Global™ for outstanding program value and innovative technology solutions supported by the finest professionals in transportation, finance, actuary, and customer service.

Source: TrüNorth Global

About TruNorth Global

TrüNorth Global™ is the leader in commercial asset protection across land, sea and air. Whether it's semi-trucks, construction equipment, agriculture, cargo/transport ships, power generation or aircraft.

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