ToyBox Marketing and Management Launches to Build a Global Kid Influencer Network

ToyBox Marketing and Management launched in Nov. 2018 to work with both brands and kid influencers.

With a changing media landscape and youth ages five to 15 watching YouTube more frequently than television, brands targeted to kids have to change how they advertise to reach their audience more effectively. This is giving rise to a need for more kid influencers and drove the launch of ToyBox Marketing and Management – an agency looking to pioneer the kid influencer marketing space.

The company is working in the United States and across the globe, engaging with both kid influencers and brands alike. From toy manufacturers, video game companies, kids clothing companies and family-friendly destinations, those who are interested in leveraging the power of kid influencers as a viable part of their marketing strategy have an opportunity to work with ToyBox Marketing and Management’s kid influencer enthusiasts and strategists.

“We recognize that the needs of brands are changing, and the power of kid influencers are being utilized to promote everything from toys to family vacations,” says Catherine Kimsey, Founding Partner & CEO of ToyBox Marketing and Management. “Take, for example, the highest earning YouTube star in 2018 was a kid influencer. This is a growing market.”

Kimsey adds, “With that growing market, though, comes an inherent risk around kid safety and continuity in brand messaging. We put kid influencer safety first, offering an educational training series designed to help parents navigate the world of kid influencer marketing. For brands, we offer a scalable, end-to-end content monitoring service that offers the comfort needed to feel confident leveraging this form of marketing.”

ToyBox Marketing and Management is working with parents, focusing on areas such as safety, monetization and content creation. After deciding to join the ToyBox network, the team will work with parents and kid influencers to determine what opportunities would be the best fit for brand partnership alignment. Through helping kid influencers grow quality communities and publish authentic content, ToyBox Marketing and Management ensures influencer safety and maximizes the positive impact for their brand partnerships.   

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ToyBox Marketing and Management is a kid influencer marketing agency, representing both brands and influencers. For more information visit

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