Toy Target Inc. Set to Launch New Range of Toys

Company entering into modern categories with its toy launch plan

Toy Target Inc. is happy to announce that the company is ready to launch its new product range in 2020. Toys to be unveiled include names like Popetz, Party Pets, Fartist Club, and Cutie Cuis. 

The complete range will be available at major retail brands across North America and Europe, the names of which will be announced shortly. It is in line with the company's strategy to provide surreal toys and experiences.

On the occasion of this decision, Mr. Richard Stein, Senior Executive Vice President of Sales at Toy Target Inc., said, “Toy Target Inc. continues to push the boundaries with the toys and experiences we bring to market in ways only our iconic brand can.” Mr. Stein is a seasoned name of the toy world, and the company feels proud to have him.

The 2020 plan includes leaving a very positive impact on the entire toy industry. The same will be accomplished by offering toys that are entirely new in the market, both in terms of design and quality, that too are at a very reasonable cost.

Highlights of their product, including those mentioned above, are:

  • Developed with a focus on the safety of kids, thus, rigorous testing of products is done, as per the guidelines of EU legislation (Toy Safety).
  • Manufactured in factories audited under ICTI and Disney FAMA.
  • Invented to help children uncover new things while having fun.
  • Designed by internationally known toy-designers based in the USA, Honk - Kong, and Spain.​

About Toy Target Inc.

It is a brainchild of Mr. Michael Guebenlian. It is currently based in Canada and operating in the USA and Hong Kong, with almost 50 employees working under its brand name. The company is in the business of the creation and distribution of toys that are safe for kids. Having served the industry for more than a decade, the company has managed to create a robust image in the minds of kids and parents. The company believes in creating trendsetting toys having a unique design and alluring packaging. Owning a distribution network in 40+ countries, the company has partnered with leading retail and license companies. Toy Target also serves as OEM to many leading brands covering the globe.​

Contact us at:

398, Isabey Street, Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec, H4T1V3, Canada
Toll-Free: 1-855-737-4229
Phone: 514-737-4229

Source: Toy Target Inc.

About Toy Target Inc

Toy Target is in the business of the creation and distribution of toys that are safe for kids.

Toy Target Inc
398 Isabey Street, Saint-Laurent,
Montreal, Quebec