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TotalMed, a nationwide provider of clinical travel solutions and MSP services, announced today that it has acquired Valley Healthcare Staffing, Inc. of Sacramento, California. The transaction closed on Oct. 31, 2017 and terms were not disclosed.

TotalMed’s CEO, Sejal Shah, explained that the acquisition of Valley Healthcare Staffing brings industry-best ATS and CRM solutions, and robust automated marketing and recruitment engines that will revolutionize the delivery of contingent labor services.

“Now, no one will be able to deliver quality clinicians who are perfectly matched for the facilities’ needs faster or more economically than we can,” said Shah. He added, “TotalMed will be the premier choice for hospitals and managed care providers because we can fill their needs in minutes using analytics and automation to avoid any interruptions in clinical care, and we can do that at a lower cost than any other alternative.”

Valley Healthcare has spent close to three years building a cutting-edge marketing and recruitment automation engine. Coined ValleyForce, Valley Healthcare has been able to mechanize the matching, marketing, submission, and onboarding of a clinician.

“We have automated just about everything from the front office and back office, enabling our recruiters to spend more time engaging the candidates rather than looking up needs and unit descriptions, GSA per diems, or even calculating net pay; ValleyForce performs these functions for them, and with precision,” remarked Steve Swan, Valley Healthcare’s CEO. ValleyForce also provides custom built tightly integrated back-office management tools for accounting and finance to include time and attendance, payroll, billing, and accounts receivable.

TotalMed, a nationally recognized brand, has observed at least 50 percent YoY growth in each of the past five years. Their broad scope of contingent labor brands makes them a natural choice for hospitals and insurance carriers across the nation. Sejal Shah explains, “We are now realistically positioned to be the largest provider of contingent labor to clinical care providers within the next two years,” said Shah. He added, “Our goal used to be taking market share, and this new partnership now enables us create a new marketplace.”

While technology bridges these companies, one thing both companies have in common is their employee engagement and happiness. Both companies enjoy a world-class Net Promoter Score and in 2017, TotalMed was named, Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction and Best of Staffing Customer Satisfaction in Inavero Report, while Valley Healthcare was recognized as The 2017 Best Staffing Firm to Work For by Staffing Industry Analysts.

About TotalMed
Offering services through the TotalMed family of brands, we deliver comprehensive and economical contingent clinical and non-clinical staffing services to your facility. Our TotalMSP brand, through predictive utilization analytics, can manage your facility’s clinical needs and all the systems that accompany the contingent labor process from order, to fulfillment, to billing. Headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, TotalMed staffs facilities in every state.

About Valley Healthcare Staffing
Headquartered in Sacramento, California, Valley Healthcare Staffing is an innovative provider of quality travel nursing and allied travel services nationwide. Through our technology and automation, we are able to match and place a quality clinician faster than any alternative. Founded in 2002, Valley was recognized as The 2017 Best Staffing Firm to Work For and has landed on the Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000.

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