Total Transit/Discount Cab Expands Reach to California

Latest move marks the second out-of-state expansion for Total Transit, having already secured a contract in Salt Lake City, Utah

PHOENIX - Total Transit, parent company to Discount Cab, is proud to announce that it has begun providing transportation management services in both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in California for a rather large managed care health plan. This marks the second out-of-state move for Total Transit in just under six months.

Toward the end of 2011, Total Transit/Discount Cab secured its first out-of-state expansion with a contract to begin operations in Salt Lake City, Utah in early, 2012.

As a basis for the expansion, Total Transit leveraged the company's position in the transportation industry with respect to standards and eco-friendly initiatives, driver requirements that go above and beyond what is typically required by law, the company's commitment to driver certifications to provide mobility/wheelchair-accommodating transportation for those with disabilities and finally the creation of a robust transportation provider network to support the thousands of Medicaid and Medi-Cal members who reside in the Inland Empire.

"I am thrilled with this new momentum we've seen as a result of our efforts to expand out-of-state," said Total Transit CEO Craig Hughes. "Total Transit has three lines of business and we have now successfully broken into two out-of-state markets; first with our Cab operations in Salt Lake City, Utah and now with our transportation management line of business in the Inland Empire. We certainly offer a service that is both unique and important to those needing transportation. Our level of service continues to resonate with Arizonans, and we are excited to get the opportunity to prove our model in new markets across the country."

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About Total Transit

Total Transit was founded in 1984, and offers comprehensive transportation management, private and public transportation services. Headquartered in the Phoenix metro area, Total Transit has grown into one of the premier transportation companies in the country, with operations also in Tucson, Ariz., and Salt Lake City, Utah. For the last 28 years, Total Transit has delivered industry-leading service levels and has developed innovative and unique transportation solutions, such as mobility/wheelchair-accommodating and eco-friendly transportation, for its clientele. Total Transit is also popularly known as the parent company of Discount Cab, one of the largest cab companies in the Southwest, operating a fleet of nearly 800 cabs, including the largest fleet of hybrid Toyota Prius cabs in the country. In fact, over 80 percent of the Discount Cab fleet is made up of these highly fuel-efficient hybrids. For more information on Total Transit visit

About Discount Cab

Founded in 1984, Discount Cab is one of the largest cab companies in the Southwest, with a fleet of nearly 800 cabs. Discount Cab operates in Phoenix, and Tucson, Ariz., as well as Salt Lake City, Utah. Discount Cab adheres to the core principles of transparency, honesty, integrity, environmental consideration and innovation, which ensure they are the company people call whenever they need a ride. Discount Cab operates with respect for its employees, its contractors, the environment, the community and, most importantly, its passengers. Discount Cab provides mobility/wheelchair-accommodating and eco-friendly transportation (over 80 percent of its fleet is made up of the highly fuel-efficient Prius). Discount Cab received the 2009 "Taxicab Large Fleet Operator of the Year" award from the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA). For more information on Discount Cab, please visit Find @Discount_Cab on Twitter and on Facebook at

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