Toro Management, LLC DBA SYLK® Announces Launch of New Website

The website offers richer insight into SYLK® Moisturizing Lubricant and how the product positively impacts consumers from all walks of life.

New SYLK Website Homepage

Toro Management, LLC DBA SYLK®, the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of SYLK Moisturizing Personal Lubricant in the United States, is proud to announce the launch of their new website design, Since becoming FDA 510(k) cleared in 2016, proving SYLK’s safety and effectiveness as a personal lubricant and after various online advertising strategy tests conducted by its Phoenix-based digital marketing agency, Mpulse Communications®, SYLK USA elected to renovate its website to add content and value for customers and to enhance how SYLK is presented to consumers.

The new SYLK USA website, created and designed in partnership with Mpulse Communications, is now more education-based by providing specific content to the various SYLK consumers. Now, people from all walks of life can view the homepage and click on the specific web page(s) that they identify with and/or that fits their needs.

SYLK is the only water-based moisturizing lubricant made from New Zealand kiwifruit vine extract. This proprietary ingredient is what makes SYLK unlike any other lubricant on the market. With its smooth, film-like texture and viscosity, the SYLK formula is pH balanced and designed to mimic the body’s natural lubrication. SYLK is intended to moisturize, lubricate and supplement the body’s natural lubrication and the gentle formula is not made with parabens, hormones, harsh chemicals, fragrances, artificial colors or flavors. SYLK has been trusted and sold in New Zealand and Australia since the 1980s, in the United Kingdom since the 1990s, and here in the United States, SYLK is FDA 510(k) Cleared as a Class II Medical Device. For more information on SYLK Personal Lubricant, visit The SYLK Story.

Mariessa Mahfouz co-owner of SYLK USA states, “The SYLK brand has a diverse customer base and it is important for us as a company to properly convey the SYLK story. Now, our website visitors can explore and identify with various customer sections and they will find content personally tailored to each customer section. With this new, clean display and easy to find and read content, we here at SYLK can now connect our product to our customers on a more personal level. We are providing a detailed, content-rich website that is more user-friendly and most importantly, educational to create a community for our visitors to learn wellness content and to really understand our product. I want to thank the team at Mpulse Communications for their guidance and expertise in our digital marketing strategy, testing, and our newest website redesign. We are excited to continuously add value to our growing SYLK community in 2018 and beyond!”

To visit the new website, please go to

About Toro Management, LLC, DBA SYLK®:

Toro Management, LLC DBA SYLK (“The Company”) is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of SYLK Moisturizing Personal Lubricant in the United States and its other territories. “The Company” owns the exclusive distribution rights in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, and China for SYLK. SYLK is the premium water-based moisturizing personal lubricant that has been sold in Australia and New Zealand since the 1980s and sold in the United Kingdom since the 1990s. In the United States, SYLK is FDA 510(k) Cleared as a Class II Medical Device. Toro Management, LLC DBA SYLK is committed to bringing SYLK to mass market here in the United States and its other select territories.

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