Top Upcoming Business Trends for 2021

Mobicard gives insights on upcoming business trends for 2021.


MobiCard, the exclusive and revolutionary digital business card platform exchange for seamless networking is sharing insights into what it believes will be some of the emergent business trends of 2021. MobiCard strengthens relationships between businesses through its virtual business card. Supporting businesses affords MobiCard a unique perspective into some of the concerns and pain points businesses have, giving a glimpse of what the industry can expect in the new year and beyond. Among these trends include a prioritization of e-commerce, the normalization and prevalence of remote work, as well as an increase in demand for virtual services.

"We're seeing trends that are being adopted by companies both large and small; when certain trends become mainstream it's typically because their benefits are too difficult to ignore," says Josh Sodaitis, Chairman and CEO of MobiCard at MobiCard. "It ultimately depends on your specific business, but adopting certain business trends that have proven successful can have a big impact on an organization's efficiency."

Businesses that were slow to adapt to e-commerce found themselves scrambling in 2020 to develop a website. Industries that relied heavily on foot traffic: restaurants, bars, and others in the hospitality industry began adapting their business model to suit the new environment. The COVID-19 pandemic showed that future-proofing a business meant incorporating an e-commerce component as the high transmissibility of the virus, coupled with government responses to viral hotspots, resulted in severe and lengthy interruptions to business.

The prevalence of remote work has also increased since the initial outbreak. Industries like finance, e-commerce, technology, and higher education found that they were seeing similar results and hitting similar benchmarks while working remotely. The added savings from no longer having to pay rent on office real estate also proved to be attractive for many businesses looking for creative ways to cut costs amid the crisis.

Virtual services also grew in demand and are becoming more normalized as the world grows more accustomed to a socially distanced reality. Things like doctor's appointments, office meetings, classrooms, and even after-hours get-togethers are all being done remotely, reading to the meteoric rise of services including Zoom, GoToMeeting, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, among several others.

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