Top Ten Ways To Save Money with Profiler

In today's economy, companies are struggling to control costs. IT departments are being asked, even required, to do more with their current resources, the goal being to maximize the use and effectiveness of their infrastructures.

As resources are stretched, managing them is more critical and more difficult. Virtualization can obscure performance issues and complicate storage management. Administrators trying to maintain their SLAs can quickly lapse into reactive mode, delaying true management of the environment by focusing on the immediate issue without a view of the big picture. Often reactive management leads to further complications and inefficiency. Home grown scripts and tools quickly become outdated as technology and personnel change. Under such conditions, management ineffectually and incompletely evaluates the environment and plans for the future by basing its decisions on outdated, incomplete, or minimal information.
Accessing information and getting visibility into the operations of an IT environment shouldn't be difficult. But the unfortunate reality is that it is difficult. Particularly in diverse, heterogeneous, and distributed environments made up of storage, servers, and applications from different vendors and serving different purposes. Further complicating the matter are native tools that provide only limited visibility, and often only into the devices they're bundled with, preventing administrators and managers from seeing those devices and their performance in relation to the larger networked environment.
What's needed is a simple and easy-to-use tool that provides end-to-end, actionable visibility into the IT infrastructure, and that also enables cost savings and optimization. That's where Tek-Tools Profiler comes in. Profiler provides a wealth of information, but how do you align the information to your cost control strategies and alleviate the pain to implement and monitor them?
Profiler can identify opportunities for storage reclamation and resource optimization, allowing you to leverage those opportunities into real storage, performance, space, and power savings. The same data collected to optimize resources enables Profiler to also provide management with trending, forecasting, and categorization information in order to make the right decisions for their specific organization's needs. With Profiler, customers have reclaimed an average of 30% of their storage that was unused or wasted. Fore every terabyte of reclaimed storage, organizations save approximately $10,000. The average Tek-Tools customer realizes an ROI of up to 40% within three to six months.

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