Top Tech Journalist Paul Hochman Gives Tips on TV an Insider Preview From CES, the World's Biggest Consumer Electronic Show

Top Technology Broadcast Reporter/Writer Previews the Consumer Electronics Everyone Will be Talking About

After decades as a top tech guru on network TV and writing for several prestigious technology magazines, Paul Hochman has established himself as one of the most respected broadcast journalists specializing in technology coverage. He has made a career out of simplifying complex technology so that the average consumer can understand. In January 2018, Paul appears live from the floor of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas giving viewers a sneak preview of some the hot new technology that will be hitting the market in the future.


TVs are always big at CES, but there is one that is really big. It is called The Wall by Samsung and has won a “Best of Innovation” award at CES. The Wall is the world’s first consumer Micro L-E-D TV with self-emitting display technology, which eliminates the need for a backlight, giving incredible outstanding brightness, more natural colors and the deepest black levels. It is modular, meaning the screen can be enlarged or arranged into smaller or different shapes by adding or removing the modules. Delivering brilliant picture quality, exceptional design and unparalleled usability this is the TV to watch in 2018. For more information, visit


Sound keeps getting better and better. Audio-Technica has expanded its line of QuietPoint active noise-canceling headphones with the new ATH ANC 700 BT that features a proprietary noise-canceling system and Bluetooth wireless technology. These over-the-ear wireless headphones are available in gray or matte black. They also feature a proprietary four-microphone, two mics in each earcup, multi-feedback noise-canceling system for wide-range performance that greatly reduces environmental noise. On a full charge, the ATH-ANC700BT’s internal battery lets listeners continuously use both the Bluetooth wireless and noise-canceling technologies for up to 25 hours. Touch and swipe controls in the left earcup allow users to easily answer phone calls and control volume and music playback from wirelessly connected devices. For more information, visit


Virtual reality is amazing and LUCI is unveiling its immersion-on-demand wearable that it hopes will fundamentally change how people view content. LUCI immers is committed to delivering moments of joyful disruptions that highlight the beauty of storytelling through content experiences. It is done by taking everyday content and allowing the user to put it into a great visual. LUCI immers is the first in ultra-HD wearable technology and boasts an impressive 3,000+ PPI displays for the most immersive 3D and 4K entertainment experiences. It is convenience and comfortability fit into the user’s life, which sets it apart from other VR products. It really is a game changer. For more information, visit

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