Top Premium Cigar Retailer Launches Interactive Cigar Pairing Guide

EASTON, PA - Famous Smoke Shop, the leading online distributor of discounted premium cigars, has debuted their new interactive Cigar & Spirit Pairing Guide. Created in partnership with Cigar & Spirits magazine, the Famous Smoke cigar pairing guide gives expert picks on cigar and liquor combinations, detailed cigar ratings, and offers an easy interface for enthusiasts of both cigars and spirits to find the perfect mix that will enhance their drinking or smoking experience.

"It's a fun, interactive way to pair your favorite cigars with your favorite spirits," says Kristen Povolny, Famous Smoke Shop's Email Marketing Specialist. For years, Famous Smoke Shop has specialized in offering the widest selection of cigars online at the lowest prices. Now, Famous Smoke's team has partnered with Cigar & Spirits magazine to release a cigar pairing guide that will allow cigar devotees to join spirits aficionados in enhancing the experience by combining these two passions.

Famous' Cigar & Spirit Pairing Guide offers almost 100 different pairing options, all curated by both the cigar retailer's and the magazine's experts. "It's easy, and incredibly intuitive. Simply pick your spirit, pick your price, then pick the ideal activity or time when you'll be enjoying the recommended pairing." Cory Grover, Digital PR Specialist at Famous Smoke Shop, says that's what differentiates this new guide from other sites that recommend cigars: "other guides only focus on the top shelf, super-expensive cigar and booze options. We believe anyone -- on any budget -- should be able to enjoy a cigar and a drink together, and get just as much out of it, without it being a cost-prohibitive activity. That's why our guide includes liquors and cigars at all price points, along with info that will be useful to those with varying degrees of experience."

To provide an expert angle on the five ideal liquors with which to pair cigars, Famous Smoke Shop tapped the writers and editors at Cigar & Spirits Magazine. The magazine's editors selected a number of Scotch, bourbon, brandy, rum and tequila options, based on key tasting notes and flavors found in each of these drinks. "For our Cigar Pairing Guide, we thought it was essential that the experts' voices be heard. That's why we quoted the magazine's editors on the key features of each spirit; they really tie together how each part of the pairing contribute to, and enhance, the overall drinking and smoking event," explains Michal Vandenstockt, Vice President of Famous Smoke Shop.

Offering nearly 100 cigar pairing combinations, each result in the guide also features two sets of cigar ratings: a score from the experts at Cigar & Spirits, and cigar ratings provided by Famous Smoke Shop customers. "That's a big plus," says Famous Smoke Shop's Digital Marketing Director, John Lamberti. "Not only are our customers the most honest and unbiased sources for cigar reviews, they also show some contrast to the differences people can sense in cigars."

The Famous Smoke Shop Cigar & Spirit Pairing Guide not only affords users the opportunity to find their ideal liquor and cigar pairing, but offers easy purchase options to buy cigars online from Famous Smoke Shop - "at the web's best prices, of course," says Lamberti - and links to learn more about the spirits from the distillers' sites.

"If you like cigars, you'll enjoy them even more when they're paired with a good bourbon or rum; fortunately, this guide takes the guesswork out of finding the right pairing that fits your preferences," says Lincoln Salazar CEO/Publisher Cigar & Spirits Magazine. "It takes enjoyment to a whole new level."

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