Top Mid-Sized Company to Work for in the US: Day Translations

Day Translations Inc.

​Day Translations employees are thrilled with their workplace environment. According to Comparably, a website where employees rate their employers, Day Translations ranks in the top 10 of all small and mid-sized U.S. companies for happiness and work/life balance, securing the No. 2 spot for the latter.

The New York-based Professional Translation Company’s employees gave their company an A+ across the board when it came to work/life balance, happiness and cultural score. This score places Day Translations in the top five percent of all mid-sized companies nationwide, plus gives them a higher report card than Boostability, the company ranked No. 1 on the work/life balance list.

“I like that Day Translations strongly encourages the ‘go home on time’ mentality and reinforces the importance of private vs. professional life to avoid people working long hours. This boosts productivity and establishes a responsible relationship among our project managers,” said Melissa Arias, accounts manager.

Furthermore, 87 percent of Day Translation employees state they are satisfied with their work/life balance, placing Day Translations not only above Boostability but also above the No. 1 Best Large Company for Work Life Balance, Starbucks.

Day Translations’ work environment is highly unique, as it is made up of an international team of telecommuting employees. Day Translations employees span the globe, from Costa Rica, to Argentina, to Kosovo, to Bangladesh, just to name a few. This lends to the employee happiness and satisfaction with their work/life balance.

“Everyone's ideas are always valued and encouraged. And, funny enough,  the connections feel a lot closer than they would be working in the same establishment. There's something to say about being in your home, drinking your warm tea and working with your friend from the other side of the world trying to reach the same goal,” said Maria Di Lorenzo, SEO manager.

Day Translations was also awarded Comparably’s Best CEOs for Women and Best CEOs for Diversity earlier in the year. The company is grateful for the recognition from employees and will continue to promote a positive work environment, promising they wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Source: Day Translations Inc.

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