Top Government Leaders Examine Cybersecurity Cyber Challenges and Solutions at Sept. 13 Summit

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8th Annual Billington CyberSecurity Summit

 Government leaders charged with protecting the nation’s cyber assets will convene Sept 13 in Washington, D.C. to examine today's cyber challenges and solutions. The theme of the summit is:

"Today | Tomorrow | The Future:  Ensuring Cybersecurity in Uncertain Times."

These times are unprecedented. The cyber attacks, whether they be wannacry or petya, are occurring at record rates; the number of Internet connections, and hence threats, are exploding; the political situation is changing with the new administration; and nation states are more active.

Thomas K. Billington, Chairman, and Founder of Billington CyberSecurity.

At the summit, attendees will hear from leading experts in government and industry as they share the most up-to-date information and analysis.

·         What threats are facing the government, the military, and the private sector?

·         What are the emerging dangers?

·         How well prepared are the U.S. and its allies to address today’s cyber threats?

·         What do we and our allies need to do improve our cyber defensive posture?

·         What should our cyber offensive posture be?

·         How has the Trump Administration addressed the cyber challenge?

The 8th Annual Billington CyberSecurity Summit is expected to attract up to 1000 attendees at the leading cybersecurity summit in the nation's capital. 

With powerhouse keynotes from the Director of National Intelligence, U.S. Central Command, the White House, Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX), industry thought leaders, the United Kingdom and Australia, the summit keynotes and speakers will tackle the tough issues of cybersecurity — and will examine where we are headed next. 

The Summit takes place at the Walter Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C. on Sept. 13.

"These times are unprecedented. The cyber attacks, whether they be WannaCry or Petya, are occurring at record rates; the number of Internet connections, and hence threats, are exploding; the political situation is changing with the new administration, and nation states are more active," said Thomas K. Billington, chairman, and founder of Billington CyberSecurity. 

Sessions at the Summit will examine:

The Cybersecurity Threat Landscape—2018 and Beyond

Top Cybersecurity Priorities for CIOs and CISOs in FY18--Implementing the Executive Order

Beyond Information Sharing to Prevention: Tackling Spear Phishing, the Insider Threat, Ransomware and IOT

Next Generation Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation

Securing the Endpoint

Deep Dive into the NIST Framework

Combatant Command CIOs:  Cyber Successes, Challenge and Priorities

... and Emerging Cyber Technologies

View the agenda here.

The one-day Summit offers attendees and press a deep dive into the current state of cybersecurity and perspectives on the next challenges and opportunities during this unprecedented time of cyber upheaval.

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