Top Astrologers Join's Phone Advice Service

Many big and renowned names from the mystic world of Astrology have now joined the Live Phone Advice panel of

Renowned astrologers who have joined the Phone advice panel recently on include Shailesh Shaily, Kiran Rai and Nitin Dutta. Shailesh started learning Palmistry from Prof Dayanand in 1993 at the age of 23. He also has a two year certified diploma as a Jyotish Alankar and Jyotish Acharya from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan. He has done research in Bhrigu astrology in association with Bhartiya vidya bhawan in 2005 through IGNCA. He is specialized in Bhrigu astrology combined with Prashar astrology. He has also to his credit done extensive research in mantra shastra. Shailesh Shaily's wide experience in various branches of astrology helps him provide users with accurate solutions that are likely to bring about life changing results.

Acharya Kiran Rai completed her Aacharya degree from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Delhi and has been practicing astrology professionally since the last 10 years. She belongs to a Brahmin family. Apart from Ganit and Vedik Astrology, she follows Jaimini Dasha system as well as Yogini Dasha system. Kiran helps her clients through Vedik remedies, based on Mantras and worship. Moreover, she suggests colours for different Ascendants native to sooth their mental state. Her expertise is in the field of general Queries of life of any human being viz. Balarisht, Muhurta, Kantak Shani, Ashtam Shani, Sadhesati, MangalDosha, Education, Career, Marriage, Children(Progeny), Health etc. With her vast knowledge and understandings of vedic astrology, she has served people from all walks of life.

Nitin Dutta is a young and upcoming astrologer who's carving a niche for himself with his dynamic predictions and thorough knowledge of astrology. Users on have benefitted immensely from his thoughtful advice and predictions. A master in astrology, he uses the Ashtakvarga system of calculation for timing of events which yields brilliant results. Since the last seven years he has been predicting about the general quality of life, marriage life, timing marriage, progeny career analysis, health analysis, sade sati, education and almost any area related to one's personal life. He hails from the lineage of Lord Parashuram. offers now users to consult and get remedies to their problems related astrology, palm reading and numerology over the phone. The service is available to users residing in the UK, USA and Canada too.

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