Top 10 Tips to Finding the Right Attorney

Premier Attorney Michael van der Veen Offers Advice to Find the Right Attorney

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One of the most important steps in the legal process actually comes at the beginning – selecting the right attorney.  Philadelphia-based attorney Michael T van der Veen, founder of van der Veen, O’Neill, Hartshorn, and Levin, provides practical advice to help.

“Looking for an attorney can put people in a vulnerable position,” said van der Veen.  “The stress of a civil or criminal case sometimes makes it difficult for clients to think clearly and make good decisions.  Preparation and a good game plan can help.”

When an attorney is needed, here are some things to consider:

1)      What type of attorney is needed?  Civil or Criminal?  Personal injury, criminal defense, commercial litigation, family law?  Understand your situation and look for an attorney with that specialty.

2)      Visit local bar association websites, look for attorneys who are board certified or have a special certification in the specific practice area needed.

3)      Ask family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.  Sometimes a personal recommendation may be best.

4)      Do research.  Review online listings and reviews from previous clients – use a variety of sites and sources.

5)      Based on everything known so far, narrow search to the top three possible choices.

6)      Visit each attorney’s website and social media channels.  Look for news coverage of the attorney or firm.

7)      Meet the attorney and their team.  Bring all documents and anything else that may help them understand the case.

8)      Have questions ready in advance.  How much time will the case take?  When can the attorney begin to work on the case?  How does the attorney or firm communicate with clients?  What is the attorney’s experience / success with similar cases? 

9)      Understand the fee structure.  Does the firm charge a flat fee?  Will the work be done on a contingency?  Or do they charge by the hour? 

10) Does the attorney and other people in the firm relieve some stress and assure important concerns?  Do not underestimate the importance of the attorney / client relationship.

One of Philadelphia’s foremost personal injury, criminal defense and commercial litigation law firms, van der Veen, O’Neill, Hartshorn, and Levin combine nearly a century of passion-driven comprehensive law practice and client-centered representation for the full benefit of clients.  Fighting for clients, serving the community and excelling in litigation, has earned them the reputation as one of Pennsylvania’s toughest, hardest working law firms. 

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