Top 10 Jungle Steps Into the New Age and Metaphysical World With the Launch of Immortality

Immortality, the newest Top 10 Jungle venture, is a specialty retailer of metaphysical products and new age gifts.

Immortality by Top 10 Jungle

​​​Top 10 Jungle, the once secretive US-based global provider of news, slick entertainment and insightful product reviews, has announced the launch of Immortality, a specialty retailer of metaphysical and new age gifts.

"Immortality, the latest addition to's acquisition spree, provides a new age and metaphysical shopping experience," said Benny Alvarez, spokesman for Top 10 Jungle. "This industry is a $700 billion market and nobody even knows it.  It's a hard market to crack because the New Age consumer isn't defined by a specific demographic, but more by their purchasing patterns. New Age consumers of the ’60s were primarily hippies and hippie-wannabes. Today’s New Age consumer is about creativity, spiritual well being, organic foods, and saving the planet."

Immortality provides products for Wicca, Witchcraft, Shamanism, Santeria, Norse, Asatru, Druidism, Mysticism, Occult, Buddhism, personal spirituality, and many other divine and religious traditions. You can find everything from ancient jewelry, crystals, salt lamps, magic wands and even Day of the Dead skulls. states on its website, "Metaphysical and new age gifts to stimulate consciousness and inspire beauty. To create a world of harmony with a balance between yourself and nature. To preserve our planet in the best way we can."

Top 10 Jungle is the slickest online community of 2017. It gained notoriety with the Sexy Sidebar, sidebar art that is sexy, violent, funny and educational. Not an easy code to crack.

Its website it filled with juicy content, crazy quizzes and Top Ten Reviews. Visitors can find expert reviews in areas such as debt consolidation, debt relief, antivirus software, pet insurance, web hosting, electronics, and more. The company announced plans to expand to over 100 verticals by the end of 2017.

The Shop at Top 10 Jungle includes brands such as  Immortality, a peddler of metaphysical and new age gifts, and Planet, a purveyor of the finest organic and natural foods and oils. Its newest brand Pleasure, ​is ​set to launch in the 4th quarter of 2017. The company has not yet released its product line for the Pleasure brand.

There is something for everyone at

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Benny Alvarez, ​

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