Top 10 Jungle Announces Global Expansion Plans announces the launch of 50 new verticals, increased staffing and the launch of its Hipster Online Store.

Fifty Shades of Bald

Top 10 Jungle, the once-secretive U.S.-based global provider of news, slick entertainment and insightful product reviews, has announced major expansion plans for 2017.

"The demand for has exceeded our wildest expectations. We were trying to stay under the radar for a while to see what our visitors really want — even hiding our metrics — but we found out the hard way that they want Top 10 Jungle and more of it," said Benny Alvarez, a company representative. "We apologize to visitors that were let down when we were not able to keep up with demand but I can assure you we are now ready."

Some of the company's ideas, including the Sexy Sidebar, which can only be explained as the genesis of sidebar art, started as an afternoon prank and resulted in an instant cult following among its visitors. The company published an article yesterday titled Fifty Shades of Bald which instantly created web traffic that stretched the company's servers to the limit.

The strategy of Top 10 Jungle is to connect with the visitor and deliver him or her an emotional experience. "We want the user to be shocked, happy, sad, pissed, scared or even turned on," said Top 10 Jungle Lady Boss Juliette Lefebvre. "There is so much content and ad traffic on the web today that if you don't make that emotional connection with the visitor, you won't be around very long. We also try to focus on some of the widely ignored sub-niches on the web that may not seem mainstream or popular but are highly profitable."

A visitor can find an eclectic mix of topics and quizzes to choose from on

Alchemy - Aliens - Auto Racing - Babes - Bald and Sexy - Beard Power - Celebrities - Food - Fashion - Jungles - Luxury - Mafia - Military - Money - Mythology - Power - Scams - Space  Sports - Style- Tech - Witchcraft

After having a good time, the user is invited to the Top 10 Jungle's Compare and Save section where he or she can compare reviews and prices in areas such as:

Debt Consolidation - Personal Loans - Antivirus Software - VPN - Web Hosting - Website Building -  Pet Insurance

Top 10 Jungle is the slickest online community of 2017. It is home of the Sexy Sidebar, the latest internet phenomenon. And it promises never to bore you.

Its website is filled with juicy content and crazy quizzes. Once visitors are done having fun, they are invited to the Product Awards section of the website, where they can compare the best deals on the web — free of charge!

For those with wives putting them in the poor house with all her shopping, try the site's comparisons of debt consolidation or personal loans. Afraid of North Korean computer hackers and want to hide your IP address for protection? Check out reviews for antivirus and VPN software. Ready to launch your own website and make some real money for a change? Take a look at Top 10 Jungle's Web Hosting Comparison Chart.

There is something for everyone at Top 10 Jungle.

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Phone: (305) 209-5180

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