Tommy Swanhaus' Book Sets New Global Records for Adult Books of 2020

3X Best Selling Author, Tommy Swanhaus' "Amplify Your Marketing, Career, And Company" has become one of the most demanded books in world for 2020 because of Swanhaus' social media and marketing strategy. Tommy Swanhaus says, "What You Learn is What You Earn."

Tommy Swanhaus' Best Seller of 2020

The global entrepreneur and now the 3X Best Selling Author, Tommy Swanhaus has taken the book industry by surprise. The first time author of “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, And Company” has set new records in the book industry and surpasses all the current adult Top Bestsellers for both fiction and non fiction in 2020.  Tommy Swanhaus released his book first on Amazon, where in three days it was a Best Seller in the Short Memoirs and Biographies Category. By becoming a Best Seller in such a competitive and prestigious category; Tommy Swanhaus entered the ranks or became among the greatest moguls, leaders, and change-makers across all industries around the world, such as Kobe Bryant, Elon Musk, Gandhi, and Jeff Bezos.

Tommy Swanhaus’ book then skyrocketed after that going on to be the #1 Biography (Business) on Rakuten Kobo, which is a Canadian Company that sells ebooks in 180 countries. “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, and Company” was also Kobo’s #1 ranked book for Marketing & Sales, Management & Leadership, Career Planning & Job Hunting, and Entrepreneurship & Small Business.

On June 27, Tommy Swanhaus’ self-published memoir and biography became the #1 Book in 2020 for total Downloads and Reads in 1 Day (49,482); most Global Downloads & Reads in 1 week (265,117); most Global Downloads & Reads in 1 month (355,899). “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, and Company” is quickly on its way to break 1 Million Downloads & Reads, which is a legendary accomplishment in the book industry. Tommy Swanhaus says, “the amplification strategy that I write about is the reason that my book has had hockey stick growth or real vertical growth. Therefore, my book’s success exemplifies the power of what I wrote about and how I live my life.” Tommy Swanhaus’ book has spread all over the world through his social media. He had an entrepreneur in Namutumba, Uganda reach out to him the other day about getting a copy of his book.

Tommy Swanhaus describes his book as a fun inspirational read that you can apply the things that you learn from him to your business or career right away. Tommy Swanhaus says, “I have had a very interesting life and I want to share it with the world, so others can learn from my successes, but also learn from my faults and failures.” While the book is being picked up by more book and ebook websites around the world everyday, Tommy Swanhaus says “I want to be an inspiration and aspiration for others that want to better their career.” He believes in the philosophy of “What You Learn is What You Earn.”

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