Tom Leydiker Brings the Tom Leydiker Foundation to Life

A nonprofit addressing short and long-term needs of people around the world

In November of 2016, Tom Leydiker founded the Tom Leydiker Foundation in order to provide assistance to established charitable organizations. Through the Tom Leydiker Foundation, a more significant impact can be made at both a local and global level by addressing short-term needs (such as disaster relief) and long-term needs (like economic empowerment).

At his very core, Tom Leydiker is both an entrepreneur and an altruist. Throughout his life, these ventures have been independent of one another, flourishing through the pursuit of other successful business endeavors and contributions to support various organizations. Tom recognized the lack of resources being attributed to necessary charities and intends to do his part through the Tom Leydiker Foundation by funding these charities so they are able to provide substantial support to those in need.

When asked about his background in philanthropy, Tom said, "Philanthropy is, in many ways, a form of self-expression. If you want to know what a man is passionate about, look at the charities that he gives to. I think that, in my giving, I'm making a bold statement about what matters to me."

At the forefront of Tom’s attention are charities that provide assistance to the homeless, fund educational initiatives, and improve accessibility to social services. Even in its earliest stages, the Tom Leydiker Foundation already works in coalition with over seven various organizations, some of which Tom has been supporting independently for years. The specificities of their organizations may differ, yet their beliefs are indistinguishable: all individuals are entitled to the best life possible. Tom’s purpose is to provide these organizations with the necessary means to live out their missions.

About Tom Leydiker: Tom Leydiker is an accomplished entrepreneur whose efforts have led him into a life as an executive and a trusted finance professional. In addition to his business pursuits, Tom has an extensive background in philanthropy. His most cherished memory was sponsoring Tikva’s Annual Gala in New York City, where he is actively involved within the community. Follow Tom Leydiker’s pursuits online.

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