Token Markets Approve HealthCoin Plus to Be 1 of 4 Counterparty Cryptos (Of Which There Are 74,000) to Be Pegged to the US $

HealthCoin Plus is excited to announce they have been approved by the Token Markets to be 1 of 4 counterparty cryptocurrencies (out of 74,000 counterparty cryptocurrencies) that will be pegged to the US Dollar.

“We couldn’t be happier to learn, in recent talks with the Token Marketplace, that due to the perpetual ecosystem built within our loyalty based rewards token, it has been named 1 of only 4 counterparty cryptos being approved for this. There are currently over 74,000 counterparty cryptos. They only approve tokens for this, they believe have real-life usage value,” said Rick Savage, Chief Strategist. Savage further explained, “This means, once all tokens are in circulation (all locked tokens have been released and are almost sold out), the marketplace of products and services currently offered on HealthCoin Plus’ marketplace, will automatically align with the market price trading.” Furthermore, he went on to state, “as the demand for the tokens grows within that locked perpetual ecosystem created, the value of the tokens will increase due to supply and demand. It’s exciting to be part of a 15 Billion Dollar a year rewards and loyalty based platform!”

HLTH public quote is here: but is being offered at a discount to market price in pre-sale directly from HealthCoin Plus. National Sales and Marketing Manager, Nick Cammarata stated, “HLTH is on the market today for .26 cents. In the holiday spirit, we would like to offer, starting today, the first 500 people who contact us responding to this press release will receive the coin at .10 cents, with the minimum purchase required. What better gift can you get for the holidays, but Health! Stock up now, before we are sold out!”

About HealthCoin Plus:

HealthCoin Plus is a leader in blockchain healthcare rewards. The company has partnerships to provide fungible, tradable, and redeemable rewards as customer acquisition and retention incentives to business in the health and wellness space. HealthCoin Plus partners include telehealth services, acupuncturist, drug stores, vitamin sales, fitness centers along with many other related businesses.

HealthCoin Plus was created on the Counterparty platform with the symbol HLTH and currently trades on the Counterparty DEX. The company maintains two offices with a sales branch in Florida and headquarters in New Hampshire.

For more information on the company, its products and services, please visit their website at or contact the National Sales Manager Nick Cammarata at (407) 735-1305.

Source: HealthCoin Plus


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