Todd Kassal Helped Hurricane Harvey Victims by Providing Cans of Food and Bottles of Fresh Water.

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The damage and suffering caused by Hurricane Harvey have made the American people feel more lost than ever. But in times like these, the strength and the loyalty of many are being put to the test.

Todd Kassal proved that under the harshest situations, people are getting closer to each other.

The stockbroker from Miami used his time and financial resources to help those who need it the most by distributing water bottles and cans of food in the affected areas of Miami.

“People were so scared, and they had every reason to be like that, but someone had to do something,” added Mr. Kassal. “I knew that authorities couldn't deal with all the victims, so this was the least I could do to help.”

Not many had the same courage or recognized the gravity of the situation. The city of Miami was hit hard by the Hurricane Harvey, and there were many times when authorities were overwhelmed. It was impossible for them to help everyone.

But Todd Kassal recognized that there is a need for civilians to contribute too. The stockbroker lived a good life thanks to the hard work in his field, but he always recognizes that they are others who never had the same opportunities as he did.

"I always tried to give something back for all that I have. I strongly believe in Karma. Everything that we do has a strong influence on the things that will happen to us in the future. I am also extremely emphatic about my fellow Miami residents. I couldn't leave them like that. There was this woman with his five-year-old child that lost most of her goods because of the hurricane. It was such a depressing image to watch."

Todd Kassal helped the mother and her five-year-old child by donating one thousand dollars.

The man with a big heart was driving his truck around the city looking for people who might need his help.

"I had it since Katrina hit. I knew that something like this would come again. When it comes to natural catastrophes, we live in a very dangerous area. When I first heard about Harvey, I tried not to panic and remember what I promised to myself."

Todd Kassal is no stranger to the damage that hurricanes can cause. Hurricane Katrina took everything he had. Ever since then, he promised to himself that he will do his best to save others from the same experience he endured.

Unfortunately, not everyone could see the good in his actions. Some authorities were not pleased with what he was doing and recommended him to find shelter instead.

"There were cops around Washington Avenue that did not like what I was doing, telling me to go and find shelter. But how could I do that when so many people were struggling? When I first heard about that Marriott boat, I was asking myself, 'how could someone do something so despicable?'"

There are some critics who were saying that he was using the hurricane as an excuse to drive his monster truck.

"People can be harsh at times. I know that they are already stressed, so am I. I care about my city and I will not let it fall down."

Despite the critics and the challenges he had to face, it is estimated that Todd Kassal helped over 200 people with bottled water and canned food.

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