Today an Authentic but Unknown Conservative Paola Tulliani Z Has Launched Her Campaign for Governor of Arizona

Italian-born Paola Tulliani Z immigrated to Chicago with her family at age seven. As a young adult in her twenties, she moved to Arizona to begin her own family.

For over 40 years, Paola Tulliani Z experienced Arizona's exciting growth and recognized this was one of the best places to live, and this is where La Dolce Vita had its beginnings. A cookie company, owned by Z, which grew into a successful Arizona business, employing more than 100  people. She achieved national disctribution with Costco and many other fine suppliers. As an Arizonan, she was able to achieve her own "American Dream." Now she is running for Governor of Arizona.

Self-educated to meet the challenging requirements for her industry, she learned to operate a successful business and now will come to operate a successful Arizona government. She is ready to achieve for and with the people of Arizona.

"Trump was a great leader, but now I will continue his agenda and fight to protect our country. A successful businesswoman with experience, I am determined to fight the socialist agenda that is polluting Arizona and America."

"It looks like Arizona's best is yet to come."


Source: Paola Tulliani Z


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Paola Tulliani Zen for Arizona Governor 2022. A successful business person, well established in the Arizona community. A true conservative grassroots Republican candidate, Z will get the job done!

Scottsdale, AZ 85266
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