To Make Recovery Fun, Wholesale For Everyone Will Provide Bandanas for The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital's Sept. 21 Wheelchair Games

Wholesale For Everyone will again donate bandanas for this year's September Wheelchair Games as part of the goody bags the athletes receive and another aspect of efforts to treat the whole person and make recovery fun at The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in New York.

Athletes Receive Bandanas from Wholesale For Everyone While Competing in Burke's 40th Annual Wheelchair Games

Once again, Wholesale For Everyone will provide bandanas for the 80-plus athletes expected to compete at this year's 40th annual Wheelchair Games on Saturday, Sept. 21, at The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital. Radio stations from around the area will be present to cover the event and recognize the brave participants, along with the gracious donors like Wholesale For Everyone.

The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital opened in 1915 and has, according to their website, "been a leader in medical rehabilitation for more than one hundred years." This remarkable hospital, located in White Plains, New York, is accredited by both the Joint Commission and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities - "the gold standards for acute care rehabilitation hospitals in the United States today." In addition, the hospital has been "academically affiliated with the prestigious Albert Einstein College of Medicine" for the past few years.

Patients at Burke participate in intensive, custom-tailored programs involving physical, occupational, and speech therapy. As the Burke website explains, this "personalized care is the result of expert, interdisciplinary teams, led by a remarkable range of medical specialists," including neurologists, physiatrists, internists, rheumatologists, pulmonologists, and neurophysiologists. The intensive therapy regimens can involve as much as 15 hours of physical, occupational, and speech therapy every week. And because Burke conducts clinical research, patients also have the opportunity to participate in "cutting edge medical research for ongoing studies within the hospital or with Burke Neurological Institute."

A great example of how Burke treats the whole person is the annual big blow-out of athletic events, particularly the Wheelchair Games. It's an event that includes participants ranging in age from 5 to 70, competing in everything from javelin throwing to wheelchair slalom races to ping pong. And besides having their confidence bolstered by the simple act of competing in these events, participants all get a plaque and a goody bag, which includes the donated bandanas.

Dona Rumney started out on the Wheelchair Games committee 25 years ago and soon became convinced that she could do a better job of getting donations, especially swag for the goody bags. Because Burke is a not-for-profit entity, it took her a while to get the go-ahead for fundraising - but she finally did.

Now Dona solicits - and receives - donations from individuals and businesses throughout the tri-state area and beyond. Her efforts, for example, have brought in donations of bobblehead dolls from the New York Mets and cough drops from Ricola. Other donations include water bottles, bandanas, wrist bands, and toothbrushes. Her success at getting donations has been pretty impressive.

When looking for a bandana source, Dona went online, found Wholesale For Everyone, liked what she saw - and now Wholesale For Everyone has been donating bandanas for several years. And the kids love them. In fact, Dona says, they often take the bandana out first thing to wear on their head.

According to Dona, Wholesale For Everyone is "a really great supporter of Burke's Wheelchair Games." She says the quality of the bandanas is great. She also likes how the bandanas come already folded in half so that she only has to fold them one more time before putting them into the goody bags.

The athletes in the Wheelchair Games and other events aren't competing against one another, though. The real purpose is to build confidence to help them in their rehabilitation and recovery. For example, everyone gets a trophy, and all participants in the basketball free-throw competition receive a medal. They are all, after all, winners just by virtue of getting out there and competing. And Wholesale For Everyone is proud to have the privilege of being involved again this year.

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