TNG Creative Wins 2022 IAC Award for Best Biotechnology Website

Prolocor Website

TNG Creative, an award-winning, healthcare-focused, boutique consultancy today announced that it has been awarded the 2022 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Award for Best Biotechnology Website. TNG Creative was recognized for its end-to-end design and development of, the website of Prolocor, a biotechnology company that is developing an innovative precision diagnostic test to guide cardiovascular treatment decisions.

"We want to thank the Web Marketing Association and the IAC for recognizing both TNG Creative and Prolocor. We also want to thank the Prolocor team for entrusting us to help them with their branding and online presence. At TNG Creative, we place significant attention on merging strategy, scientific storytelling, and creative, and it is always amazing to get recognition for our hard work. Our approach has resulted in brand awareness and growing excitement for Prolocor," said Mika Stojanovic, Head of Marketing + Creative at TNG Creative.

The Prolocor website went live in the middle of 2021, with the goal of capturing visitors' attention and pulling them on an immersive journey, while showcasing the company's novel precision diagnostic test. A clear, coherent scientific voice is supported by strikingly realistic imagery, bringing the cardiovascular system, blood cells, doctors, and patients into the center of storytelling, all while tastefully weaving the brand throughout. 

"TNG Creative was recommended to us via a trusted advisor, and they have certainly delivered. Since 2020, we have closely collaborated on the development of our brand, a stellar investor presentation, and now this Award-Winning Website. TNG Creative's work has helped Prolocor set up a recognizable internet presence, which has led to attention from the medical and investor community," said Peter M. DiBattiste, Co-Founder + CEO of Prolocor.

This year's award marks the second time in the past three years that TNG Creative has won in this category. In 2020, TNG Creative was awarded the IAC Award for Best Biotechnology Website, for its development of According to Alex Stojanovic, Head of Strategy at TNG Creative, the secret of repeat success lies in a small and experienced team that seamlessly integrates strategy, science, and creative. "We're a small consultancy that focuses on quality over volume. We may only build a few websites a year, but we immerse ourselves completely into each company, their science, their mission," Stojanovic added.

Founded by Web Marketing Association (WMA), the IAC is the first and only competition dedicated exclusively to online advertising. The IAC awards cover a variety of industries and online formats including, online ad, video, mobile, newsletter, email, and social media. A list of Winners can be found on the IAC website

About TNG Creative

TNG Creative, LLC is an award-winning, healthcare-focused, boutique consultancy that bridges the gaps between strategy, science, and creative for life science companies. Headquartered in Princeton, NJ, TNG Creative has client relationships in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia. The company leverages a lean consulting model and brings broad life science experience across therapeutic areas, geographies, and company stages, from early stage biotechs to publicly traded corporations. TNG Creative is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Naissos Group, LLC.

About Prolocor

Prolocor, Inc is a precision diagnostics company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA and Burlington, VT. The company's innovative precision diagnostic test is being developed to guide cardiovascular treatment decisions, effectively matching the intensity of antithrombotic therapy with the risk of thrombotic events. Founded by a team that deeply understands thrombosis and cardiovascular disease, Prolocor is building its strategy around platelet FcγRIIa and embarking on a journey to commercialize an innovative test that quantifies FcγRIIa on the surface of platelets.

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TNG Creative is a lean boutique strategy + creative consulting firm that specializes in working with life science companies.

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