TMS Engages Gulab Patil as Chief Technical Advisor

The Media Street (TMS) is proud to announce their Chief Technology Advisor Mr. Gulab Patil, to guide its efforts to create a pragmatic, inspected impression-based buying model, which will enable advertisers to examine impressions in "real time" and ascertain its true bid value.

At the time when marketers are stuck in a conundrum between viewability and fraud, TMS takes itself a step closer to its commitment on delivering viewability-based solutions, and with Mr. Gulab Patil at the helm, their advertiser-centric product is that much closer to achieving their goal and mission.

Mr. Patil is an entrepreneurial doyen in Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) advertising and has been an industry veteran, with more than 10 years of experience in mobile, digital marketing and ad-tech products and solutions.

He is the founder of Lemma Technologies, a programmatic ad serving platform for DOOH, which aims to maximize revenue of digital outdoor publishers and enable advertisers to run effective and targeted campaigns. Lemma envisions revolutionizing the Out of Home (OOH) advertisement industry through providing innovative digital solutions.

Prior to Lemma, Mr. Patil had gained recognition for setting up the current video infrastructure at PubMatic and for his contributions in defining IAB’s ad-serving protocols and standards.

Mr. Gulab has filed for three patents in big data processing; IoT-based audience data collection and segmentation; advertising and application software.  

“The viewability product, which will enable inspected impression-based buying model, will not only be a breakthrough technology but it will have parameters that would eradicate fraud to an extent," explains Mr. Patil.

“In our commitment towards delivering maximum ROI for our advertisers while combating a whole new generation of sophisticated fraud, Gulab Patil will be an asset to our organization, and help us achieve our goals sooner," says Rahul Mandogade, VP – Operations, The Media Street.

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