TLC Laser Eye Centers Partners With Kirk Cousins for LASIK Partnership

Professional Football Player Seeing More Clearly Following Treatment

TLC Laser Eye Centers is proud that Kirk Cousins had LASIK with our team years ago and his vision is still providing profound benefits both on and off the field. TLC Laser Eye Centers is honored to partner with Mr. Cousins as he continues his impressive professional career following LASIK eye surgery that has improved his vision and reduced his dependency on glasses and contacts. 

TLC Laser Eye Centers will be collaborating under a paid endorsement arrangement with Kirk to share his story about having LASIK at TLC, how clearer vision has been and how it is impacting his life both in and out of football through social media posts, testimonials, video, audio, and digital elements.

"Our partnership with Kirk has been amazing so far and we are excited he will be working with TLC Laser Eye Centers this year. He has been an impressive quarterback and leader for years, and we feel that his vision (thanks to TLC) has allowed him to take on every challenge and succeed," says Craig Joffe, Chief Executive Officer at TLC Laser Eye Centers. "We've always been excited to watch his success on the field and look forward to another season."

"Clear vision means everything as a quarterback, and TLC Laser Eye Center has given me the gift of great sight," says Kirk. "Thanks to their state-of-the-art procedures and exceptional team of experts, it was an easy decision for me to partner with TLC. With their expertise, I can see the game with increased clarity, making split-second decisions and unleashing my full potential."

About TLC Laser Eye Centers, LasikPlus, The LASIK Vision Institute: TLC Laser Eye Centers, LasikPlus, and The LASIK Vision Institute are a second-generation family-owned business and leader in laser vision correction in the United States. With over 20 years in the industry, TLC Laser Eye Centers, LasikPlus, and The LASIK Vision Institute have performed over 3 million laser eye surgery procedures nationally. LASIK is all they do, so they can focus on their expertise. They own and operate vision centers across the country with a trusted team of LASIK specialists and board-certified LASIK surgeons who are ready to help patients with all their laser eye surgery needs.

About Kirk Cousins: Kirk Cousins is an American football quarterback in Minneapolis/St.Paul. While playing college football, he won the 2011 Lowe's Senior CLASS Award and was later selected in the 2011 draft. In his professional career, he has continued to perform at the top of his sport with four Pro-Bowl selections.

Source: LCA-Vision, Inc.