TJR Mall Offers Access to Best Deals in Tech

TJR Mall connects users with latest gadgets and more

A new site,, is dedicating itself to finding the very best deals in technology and sharing them with readers.

Owner Theodore Horvath said his goal is to help users sift through the mounds of information available online, then find and share the relevant deals and products.

“There is so much information on the web,” Hovarth said. “It can be intimidating, even for experienced users, to find out about new products. It’s probably impossible for one person to stay up to date, so we have a whole team who can share their experience and market savvy with our readers.”

One topic recently tackled on the site is desktop chargers for electronic devices. Keeping batteries topped up can be a challenge with power hungry devices, and the site laid out some of the options available to people.

“Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 is now available for an increasingly large proportion of modern mobile devices,” the article said, but noted that many charges don’t offer the feature. And the CHOEtech Six-Port Desktop USB Charger is the only charger that boasts Quick Charge in two of its ports. That charger is also the most powerful one the site recommends, with an output of 60 watts.

With wearable electronics being hot this year, the site also looked at the best GPS watch for runners. It recommends the Fitbit Surge because of that devices multiple functions, low weight and excellent design.

“The Fitbit Surge has an amazing range of functions,” the site wrote. “It has eight sensors: GPS, heart rate, gyroscope, compass, three-axis accelerometers and an ambient light sensor. The watch is waterproof, compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and has a battery that lasts up to a week on a single charge.  This is by far the best choice for serious runners.”

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