Tito Puente's Memory is Honored by Yolanda Duke - The Voice of the World - & Tito Puente Jr.

Yolanda Duke - The Voice of the World - & Tito Puente Jr. honor the memory of The King of Latin Music Tito Puente Sr. with a new single and music video #El Bribon del Aguacero by Amigos Music Co, which hits the airwaves on Dec. 03, 2021.

Amigos Music Co. is pleased to announce Yolanda Duke's new single release--El Bribon del Aguacero--that she originally recorded with Tito Puente Jr. this past summer for a tribute album honoring her hero and mentor, the late Tito Puente Sr. The album The King and I, which was produced by multi-Grammy winner Marlow Rosado, and released by Doral Music/JN Music, is currently climbing the charts throughout Latin America.

The overwhelming public response to the album The King and I, and #El Bribon del Aguacero (written by Cuban songwriter Buenaventura Roca Vazquez) in particular, motivated Yolanda to release the song as a single, much to the delight of her growing legion of fans around the world. Her interpretation is a fresh update on the popular song, which was first recorded by Tito Puente Sr. and singer Ismael Miranda in 1991.

Yolanda Duke recorded El Bribon del Aguacero at Skylight Recording Studio in Union, New Jersey, with renowned multi-Grammy winning engineer Guido Diaz. She breathes new life into the popular song, with an exuberant vocal delivery that perfectly captures the essence of the tune. The tasteful horn arrangements and lively percussion provide a powerful backdrop that serves to captivate the mind in thought and engage the body in dance.

To enhance the audience of El Bribon de Aguacero, Yolanda and her team filmed a music video that was shot primarily in #Times Square and #Brooklyn NY. The video--directed by her husband/manager Andy Grullon--showcases Yolanda while out on the town and singing in the rain, as a nearby talented dancer #KatherineJimenez_official, expresses her own interpretation of the song. Tito Puente Jr. is also seen throughout, pushing the rhythm with his trademark timbales. The video will be available to be viewed on YouTube and other digital platforms on Dec. 03, 2021.

The music video will be released on Dec. 03, 2021, via #DeExtremo15 #Telemicro, the most popular daily Hispanic TV Show from the Dominican Republic that covers the South and Northeast USA, from Florida to Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, Curaçao, Aruba, San Martin and the rest of the Antilles. The single is on regular rotation in the USA, Europe Satellite Radio, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Mauritius, and more than 45 #Telemicro radio stations in the Dominican Republic.

For more information, contact Andy Grullon at (646) 201-2442 andygrullon@yolandaduke.com.

Source: Amigos Music Co.

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