Title Logics Corporation Announces the Formation of Title Bell Property Research Division

With the expansion of its database to cover the State of New Jersey, Title Bell offers full title research report for every property in the state.

Title Logics Corporation announced today the formation of Title Bell Property Research Division and expansion of its database to cover the State of New Jersey.

Title Bell has completed its development of the latest and most advanced system to detect and monitor changes in title ownership, mortgage filings, taxes, assessments, judgments, and liens on homes and businesses. This state-of-the-art and one-of-a-kind system can generate a complete title search and analysis on a property most times within 24 hours.

According to the FBI, title thefts and fraudulent mortgages are the fastest growing white collar crimes in America. The Better Business Bureau also recently published its Scam Alert: Home Title Fraud: "Scammers will pick a house, sometimes a second home, rental or vacant house. Gathering personal information from the internet or elsewhere, they take over your identity and assume the role of property owner or claim to represent you.  They file the necessary paperwork to transfer ownership of your property to themselves using forged signatures and fraudulent identification. They then sell the home or borrow against the equity.  You might not even know this has happened until a lender starts to send letters of foreclosure on your home due to failure to make payments."

Steve Kanya, CMO of Title Logics Corporation, explains: "Some of the ways thieves commit these crimes are that they take titles or place mortgages on your properties without your knowledge. I have seen them all: They take out loans using your home as collateral. They forge a fake deed on your property. They change your property ownership from you to them. They sell your home without your knowledge. So don't be a victim of cyber theft. Get the protection now or you should monitor the recordings on all of your properties regularly."  

While property owners are not liable for these fraudulent activities, they can cause major headaches and cost you time or money for legal expenses.

Title Bell's Detecting and Monitoring System (DMS) was created to help protect properties and make life easier for homeowners without the worries of someone scamming their properties. It will alert homeowners of any changes or filings of any deeds or mortgages. 

Kanya added to assure Title Bell subscribers: "We are so sure of our services that if you are not happy with our services, you pay nothing.  And if there are fraudulent recordings on your properties, unlike other service providers, we will assist you to remove them, all included in our Home Protection Package."

For more information, please visit https://www.titlebell.com.


Source: Title Logics Corporation


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