Titan's Lumerin Protocol Creates the First P2P Hashpower Marketplace for Crypto Miners

New marketplace offers enhanced mining efficiency and transparency by making Bitcoin hashpower a tradable, liquid financial commodity

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More than a decade after the launch of the first mining pool in 2010, Titan announces a next-generation vision for Bitcoin mining with the launch of the Lumerin Protocol, the world's first P2P decentralized hashpower commodity marketplace.

The Lumerin Protocol shows promise to advance the cryptocurrency industry by making Bitcoin hashpower a tradable, liquid financial commodity. With the forthcoming launch in Q2 2022, the platform seeks to build on the vision for crypto and blockchain technology as a truly decentralized, peer-to-peer, currency.

"This technology seeks to combat the rising problem of hashpower centralization by offering miners the ability to buy, sell, access, distribute, and manage hashpower from anywhere on the globe. The Lumerin Marketplace provides a foundation for the entire mining ecosystem to realize its full potential by creating a single, virtual marketplace that improves efficiency, and provides greater access to capital and investments," said Titan CEO and Co-founder Ryan Condron.

Condron, a software developer and engineer, has more than 15 years of experience in crypto, leading high profile projects. He made a name for himself in the industry with the launch of the industry-recognized profitability calculator site, Coinwarz, in addition to several other hardware, mining, and software-related platforms.

Titan's recent sale of the Lumerin Token in December 2021 raised more than $15 million with half sold during the first hour of the sale. Funds from the sale will support continuous efforts to expand and market the hashpower marketplace.  

Visit https://lumerin.io to learn more about Titan's Lumerin Marketplace. 

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Source: Titan